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    Glenn Millam wrote:

    Glenn, is it possible to revisit the “original” purple color and see if the CMYK colors can be tweaked? It seems odd to me that Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue can work just fine, yet a Deep / Dark Magenta color doesn’t come out right; I mean… Magenta is one of the primary pigments.

    I find myself attached to that color: it could be the X-rays connection… but it’s more likely first impression.

    I’m working on it. I do love that original design. There MUST BE A WAY!

    Give me a few days though. Work is killing me at the moment. Hopefully next weekend will bring more goodies, including design adaptations for more products.

    Hi Glenn, just wondering if I should wait any longer for a working version of the original purple logo, or if I should cast my die on what’s currently in the CafePress store.

    No pressure. 😉


    New Sesonal t-shirt were quit good

    Attached files

    AvatarBrian H

    Glenn Millam wrote:

    What to [do] spent fuel rods look like?

    Just like fresh ones, only tired. 😉



    Do you have the original files of the artwork? I believe you uploaded directly to cafe press. I am not able to download from them. They inform me they are not an image storage service.

    As a result, I only have the small thumbnails on file. I’d like to have the full sized images available. It looks like we ended up with 7 different designs.

    Please email them to me at rezwan at focusfusion dot org.


Viewing 4 posts - 91 through 94 (of 94 total)
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