Simulation Fundraiser Meet the Team – The Focus Fusion Society ("FFS")
End of Year Fundraiser

Focus Fusion Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization. Focus Fusion brings people together to pursue the dream of clean, accessible & abundant energy from fusion. Our goal is to make the resulting technology available to everyone.”

Executive Director

Ignas Galvelis

Ignas believes that fusion power is the scientific pursuit with the most potential to change the world. He has committed to funding and promoting the aims of The Fusion Focus Society.

Although Ignas has received an MSc with Distinction from the University of Liverpool and received the “dissertation of the year” award, still believes himself to be self-educated. He served in the Lithuanian Army and is currently a software engineer, advancing distributed manufacturing efforts in London.

Dr. Warwick Michael Dumas

Community Outreach

Warwick is a committed environmental and social democrat. He believes in the need to provide cheap, clean energy for all. Dr. Warwick is currently serving as an adviser on Focus Fusion Society board.

He achieved his Ph.D. at the University of Leicester in the UK in Stochastic Simulation of Quantum Systems. He volunteered for LPP while working in a retail bank. He is currently working on a contract for LPP as a simulation designer and builder.

  •   Jasmine Strong
  •   William Tailor
  •   Oliver Snow
  •   Dennis Peterson
  •   Matthew Morris
  •   Chuck Stewart
  •   Ville Saarinen