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We are a grassroots campaigning and educational organization, fighting to bring cheap energy...

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Our goal for the Focus Fusion Society is to become an organization of tens of thousands of activists world-wide that educates...

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Nuclear Fusion is the process that powers the Sun and all the stars. It is the power that drives the Universe. Fusion power...

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Focus Fusion Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization. Focus Fusion brings people together to pursue the dream of...

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Akin to Tesla's famous image, and in the same innovative spirit, Focus Fusion captures fusion in a "ball of lightning", harnessing its power to create electricity. LPPFusion's Focus Fusion approach builds upon 40 years of international scientific research on the Dense Plasma Focus device which LPPF's physics team has made very significant improvements upon. Instead of constantly having to fight the plasma's natural instability, they are able to use it to their advantage. The device uses a pulse of electricity that generates plasma in a shape that makes it kink itself into a tiny ball of lightning hot enough to fuse atoms. This process releases a powerful beam of energy that can be directly converted to electricity.

From extreme poverty to accelerating climate change, coming generations are facing serious challenges - most of which are made worse by our dependence upon fossil fuels.
There is an urgent need for new and better ways to produce energy sustainably.


  • 1.4 billion people live without access to electricity.
  • 2.6 billion people live without access to clean cooking facilities. Of these, over 95% live in either sub-Saharan African or developing Asia. Focus Fusion has the potential to eradicate global energy poverty once and for all. Clean, affordable and decentralized - it can be deployed to even the remotest areas.
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  • 82% of the world's energy is produced by the burning of coal, oil and other fossil fuels.
  • According to the World Health Organization, up to 1 in 8 deaths is caused by air pollution (7 million people annually).
  • By 2040, the world population will reach an estimated 9 billion people. Focus Fusion is an ecologically safe technology that can end our dependency on fossil fuels.
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  • 20th century conflict casualties exceed 240 million lives.
  • In the future, depleted fossil fuel reserves will increase the likelihood of global conflicts as governments compete to secure access to these remaining resources. Focus Fusion technology will not only eliminate the dependence on fossil fuels, it will also diminish the need to fight over other finite resources.
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  • Traditional nuclear (fission) power has many serious risks associated with it including nuclear weapons, radioactive waste and meltdowns/nuclear accidents. In a worst case scenario, nuclear catastrophic nuclear failure could render the earth uninhabitable.
  • Focus Fusion is a safe and clean successor to conventional nuclear power. It fuses hydrogen with boron to form harmless helium gas - which leaves no possibility for meltdowns of the manufacturing of nuclear weapons.
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  • Current propulsion technology renders space exploration expensive and time-consuming. Estimates of costs for a manned Mars mission have ranged from $6-500 billion.
  • Today, space settlements are seen as practically impossible propositions.
  • In addition to offering unlimited clean energy on Earth, Focus Fusion would open up vast new possibilities for space exploration including new propulsion and affordable, compact electricity production.
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The goal for Focus Fusion, within reach in the next few years, is to research, prototype and manufacture individual commercial fusion units (small enough to fit in a garage or shipping container) that are able to provide energy for a few thousand homes at least ten times cheaper than any known energy source.
Unlike many alternative energy options citing the fusion mechanism, Focus Fusion uses known science, not unsubstantiated claims of trying to overturn accepted science, and has achieved comparable results with about 1/10th the budget.

The 10th most abundant element dissolved in seawater.

Most abundant element in the universe.

Harmless gas most commonly used in balloons.

Electrically charged particles and electromagnetic energy convert directly to electricity.