Our goal for the Focus Fusion Society is to become an organization of tens of thousands of activists world-wide that educates about and contributes to making safe, clean, cheap unlimited energy a reality for all. We want to inform everyone about aneutronic fusion energy and Focus Fusion as the fastest route to achieve it. We raise money for the research and mobilize people to lobby for government funding for this work. We are organizing both through the Web and through in-person meetings, working together with other like-minded organizations that aim to end fossil fuel use.

The funds we raise will go both to Focus Fusion research directly and to expand our own educational work. By broadly educating the public about the benefits of Focus Fusion, we plan to prevent any efforts to put obstacles in the way of this technology.


The public needs to be made aware that aneutronic fusion can result in reliable energy for everyone, all over the world. The world’s energy needs are rising—the power output needs to quadruple to meet future requirements—and no other solution currently proffered is enough to fulfill the needs for energy. Wind, solar, and nuclear power together will struggle to replace the fossils fuels. It will cost $2.2 trillion a year to achieve the required energy with existing energy sources. Focus Fusion will cost ten times less.

Currently, Focus Fusion is estimated to be five years away from development of a working prototype, and it might take a further ten to fifteen years for this to become the dominant source of energy for the world. If funding is made available today, there would be energy for all in 20 years, at a fraction of the present cost . With reliable energy, which doesn’t involve oil, gas, coal or radioactive material, the chance of war and environmental disaster is massively reduced. Poverty and hunger will be reduced. In short, Focus Fusion has the power to draw humanity into a new era of civilization.