Our goal for the Focus Fusion Society is to become an organization of tens of thousands of activists world-wide that educates about and contributes to making safe, clean, cheap unlimited energy a reality for all. We want to inform everyone about aneutronic fusion energy and Focus Fusion as the fastest route to achieve it. We raise money for the research and mobilize people to lobby for government funding for this work. We are organizing both through the Web and through in-person meetings, working together with other like-minded organizations that aim to end fossil fuel use.

The funds we raise will go both to Focus Fusion research directly and to expand our own educational work. By broadly educating the public about the benefits of Focus Fusion, we plan to prevent any efforts to put obstacles in the way of this technology.


There are many groups of scientists across the world working to bring the vision of fusion to reality. Some of these groups enjoy funding from such companies as Goldman and Sachs, the navy and even NASA. However, the picture for funding is often ad hoc and unhelpful, with funding removed at a moment’s notice or redirected to one particular project such as the European ITER scheme.

The Fusion Focus Society will seek to fund researchers who align with our mission to bring fusion to reality and democratize energy, making life better for all.




The Fusion Focus Society appreciates that seeking to fund fusion is difficult. With governments aligning behind a single project, the journey towards success is slowed considerably. The society will strive to take advantage of all forms of funding, whether it is corporate, from governments or through crowdsourcing.


With the media representation of nuclear fission, the case for fusion is made more difficult. People link the idea of the reaction of ions and electrons with nuclear power and radioactive waste. It is an important role of The Focus Fusion Society to educate the population to the clean, safe and cheap energy that fusion will provide. With better education of the people of all countries, the more pressure that can come to bear on the funding sources around the world.


The public needs to be made aware that aneutronic fusion can result in reliable energy for everyone, all over the world. The world’s energy needs are rising—the power output needs to quadruple to meet future requirements—and no other solution currently proffered is enough to fulfill the needs for energy. Wind, solar, and nuclear power together will struggle to replace the fossils fuels. It will cost $2.2 trillion a year to achieve the required energy with existing energy sources. Focus Fusion will cost ten times less.



The Focus Fusion Society wants to draw together experts on one forum. The hope is of shared intelligence and open discussion, the race for fusion can come out into the open and therefore stop being the science that is always 50 years in the future. We can make it the science of today.