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The Focus Fusion Society is a membership organization. Dues-paying members are the backbone of the organization. Your contributions help to support us as we tell the world about Focus Fusion and fund the research that can make it possible.


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When you join the dues paying members of Focus Fusion Society, you will get the warm fuzzy (10 billion°) feeling of making a difference in the fusion endeavor; of being one of the people that stood up (or sat and clicked) and did something proactive to get humankind through this major technological barrier.

Because this path to the future of humanity does not take huge investments, small contributions can make a big difference. With 10,000 members, each paying $30 annual dues (only $2.50 a month) we can fund half of the present ongoing research in Focus Fusion—and that will greatly accelerate it. Right now government and big corporations are not funding this research. Small investors are helping, but it is not enough. We need you!

Being a member means more than passively giving money. We are a democratically-run organization of activists, who meet together and with like-minded people from other groups to figure out how we can get the word out to the broader world.

All members will receive a (roughly) monthly newsletter from LPPFusion on their research.

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All contributions are tax deductible: the Focus Fusion Society is a tax-exempt charity under section 501(c)(3)of the Internal Revenue Code.

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