It is time for the people who have the energy to come together to get the energy—Focus Fusion energy. We need to come together as a group to discuss, to fund and to promote the aims of fusion energy. We could literally be saving humanity.


Join us in this fight.

You can:


Donate money today, using PayPal or even decide to become a member and pay our reasonable yearly membership dues and in this way provide the funds to needed to make fusion scientifically feasible. Of all the donations you make this year, this small amount of money could preserve the world for your children. If 10,000 people gave $30 a year we could fund half the research needs for Focus Fusion. Want to be a superhero without needing to spend big to wear a ridiculous costume? Join the Focus Fusion Society for less than the cost of a coffee per month and help save the world.


Help us organize meetings in your locale to get the word out. We have videos and presentations that you can use in such meetings. Crowdfund money for Fusion Simulations on our platform. We need to link up with other like-minded people. We want to inform the largest possible audience that Focus Fusion is the fastest route to get rid of fossil fuels. Solar and Wind, despite good progress are just not moving fast enough—we need to get there sooner than ASAP!


If you are a scientist or entrepreneur who is pursuing fusion technology share your theories and your findings on our discussion forums. The aim is to provide cheap energy, not energy to make the few richer but the many more prosperous. By sharing your outcomes, you will bring alive the egalitarian spirit of fusion energy.


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