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    By the title of this topic you probably think I’m going to write about the risk of investing in this (focus fusion) technology. But I’m not.

    By virtue of it’s existence this development program has made the investment in any other energy source more risky.

    Except in very limited applications other alternative energy sources will be be rendered white elephants if this program succeeds.

    Remote weather stations, electric fences, solar calculators; Ok these won’t be converted to focus fusion. But businesses or individuals who have invested small fortunes in solar power will be SOL (sorta out of luck)

    Likewise the geniuses at Google who chose not to invest in this technology and instead decided to go fly a kite (literally). They will find it cheaper to junk the system which they invested in and buy commercial power produced by focus fusion.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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