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    Scientists in possible cold fusion breakthrough

    WASHINGTON (AFP) — Researchers at a US Navy laboratory have unveiled what they say is “significant” evidence of cold fusion, a potential energy source that has many skeptics in the scientific community.

    The scientists on Monday described what they called the first clear visual evidence that low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR), or cold fusion devices can produce neutrons, subatomic particles that scientists say are indicative of nuclear reactions.

    “Our finding is very significant,” said analytical chemist Pamela Mosier-Boss of the US Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR) in San Diego, California.

    “To our knowledge, this is the first scientific report of the production of highly energetic neutrons from a LENR device,” added the study’s co-author in a statement.

    The study’s results were presented at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    The city is also the site of an infamous presentation on cold fusion 20 years ago by Martin Fleishmann and Stanley Pons that sent shockwaves across the world.

    Despite their claim to cold fusion discovery, the Fleishmann-Pons study soon fell into discredit after other researchers were unable to reproduce the results.

    Scientists have been working for years to produce cold fusion reactions, a potentially cheap, limitless and environmentally-clean source of energy.

    Paul Padley, a physicist at Rice University who reviewed Mosier-Boss’s published work, said the study did not provide a plausible explanation of how cold fusion could take place in the conditions described.

    “It fails to provide a theoretical rationale to explain how fusion could occur at room temperatures. And in its analysis, the research paper fails to exclude other sources for the production of neutrons,” he told the Houston Chronicle.

    “The whole point of fusion is, you?re bringing things of like charge together. As we all know, like things repel, and you have to overcome that repulsion somehow.”

    But Steven Krivit, editor of the New Energy Times, said the study was “big” and could open a new scientific field.

    The neutrons produced in the experiments “may not be caused by fusion but perhaps some new, unknown nuclear process,” added Krivit, who has monitored cold fusion studies for the past 20 years.

    “We’re talking about a new field of science that’s a hybrid between chemistry and physics.”


    Sounds pretty much like Randell L. Mills’s Blacklight Power: http://www.blacklightpower.com/


    The biggest mental block that causes skepticism about cold fusion is the coulomb barrier of electrostatic repulsion between two nuclei. They stubbornly refuse to get very close to each other. This has always implied the necessity of tremendous temperatures and pressure. However, there may be the possibility of quantum mechanical tunneling past the repulsive barrier. It has been known ever since way back in the late 1950’s and early 60’s that there is no exact threshold temperature in which fusion begins to take place. But instead, fusion reactions begin to steadily increase over a wide range of temperatures. Only quantum wave mechanics can best describe such phenomena. A key to lower temperature fusion would be some type of quantum mechanical tunneling catalyst to help increase the odds of reactions.


    I think the best argument against cold fusion is one called “the missing dead graduate student argument”. It goes something like this:

    Professors don’t run their own experiments. Instead they have their lowly graduate students do it. Under the guise of “supervision” professors then take full credit for the outcome in the resulting research papers.

    “But there arn’t any dead graduate students”, you may say.

    Exactly! So there must not be cold fusion.

    There would be dead grad students laying around all over the place in several different research labs if cold fusion was for real. This would occur as a result of the neutron flux that would from the levels of excess heat they reported.


    This may or may not be the case. Cold fusion may be some kind of ultra – clean aneutronic fusion that in most cases produces very little neutrons or X – ray emissions. In that case, your grad students might survive.

    Like I’ve said before, the biggest psychological mental block is the coulomb repulsive charge barrier and the dogma that it must necessarily always require extreme pressure and temperature to overcome it. This is typical of some of the closed – minded arrogance of the mainstream science establishment. Truth is, cold fusion has already been confirmed by literally hundreds of laboratories all over the world for many years. And now we have highly credible evidence from the labs of the U.S. Navy.

    How much more proof and evidence is needed for closed – minded conservatism ? And what good is any amount of proof or evidence when dealing with closed – minded conservatism ? Especially when such hypocrites stubbornly refuse to go by evidence themselves, anyway ?

    Like I’ve said many times before, evidence is often in the mind of the beholder. It often takes a leap of open – minded faith first before the stubborn are willing to even acknowlege and accept the overwhelming evidence.

    It has already been observed by some astute researchers since the late 1950’s and early 1960’s that fusion is a phenomena of quantum wave mechanics……that there is no exact threshold temperature in which it begins to take place……that fusion reactions gradually increase over a wide range of temperatures. This can only be explained by quantum transition tunneling past the electrostatic barrier : quantum jump from point A to point B. It’s that extremely simple. I don’t know why it’s taking skeptics so many years and decades to figure – out what others had done already figured – out long before.

    Just type Singularity Technologies, Skybolt Reactor or Charles Cagle into a google search. He has plans for a direct alpha conversion reactor similar to Lerner’s focus fusion……except that his reactor will operate with low temperature plasma in the tens of thousands of degrees……instead of millions or billions like most reactors. Charles Cagle claims that his reactor is not the same as cold fusion, but it is relatively speaking, when compared to most hot plasma reactors. In fact, hot plasmas tend to work against quantum tunneling past the coulomb barrier, requiring even more brute force sledge – hammer methods.

    Don’t ever get into a political discussion with Charles Cagle, though. Because Cagle himself is a highly opinionated, extremely arrogant, radical right – wing extremist ass to the pale. He can be downright caustic and nasty to other people. So long as the discussion with him is physics and not politics, he’s not too bad though.


    Also enter Ken Shoulders into a google search. He has done research with charge clusters for years. According to charge cluster theory, these clusters of electrical charge somehow temporarily neutralize the coulombic electroststic charge barrier and act as a catalyst for quantum tunneling fusion.

    In fact, some people have even said that all three of these guys : Fleishmann, Pons, and Shoulders……all deserve a long overdue Nobel Prize for their work.


    In the ” Open – Minded Thinking Outside the Box ” topic title, I also posted this link :

    Once again, here’s that website link about stubborn opposition to cold fusion, and vindication of it by recent finds by the U.S. Navy Laboratory, and etc. Very good reading ! ! !


    Definitely a very good must read ! ! ! This website covers everything I’ve said about the arrogance of mainstream science in the ” Open – Minded Thinking Outside the Box ” topic title.

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