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    AvatarGlenn Millam

    I find focus fusion rather exiting, and I think it might be the solution to many of the problems we face. One thing I was wondering was how fuel would be injected into the device between pulses, given the need for rapid (1000+ per second)pulses to generate a steady flow of electricity. I am unclear how you propose to keep the beast fed, so to speak. Could someone clarify this for me?


    In each pulse only a tiny fraction of the gas in the vacuum chamber is trapped in the plasmoid and burned. That fraction, both the fusion “ash” , which is helium, and the unburned fuel, is evacuated by the ion beam. This small loss will be replaced continuously from a reservoir of the fuel.

    AvatarJolly Roger

    Can the unburned fuel be separated from the helium “ash” and recycled back into the reactor? This would be necessary in applications where fuel availability could be a problem, such as in deep space.

    I understand that the helium MUST be removed before recycling to avoid radioactive side reaction products.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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