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    I am not a Malthusian, that is just a convenient generalization that you have tagged me with. Look at Easter Island – It was once populated with trees and was an island paradise. Since Europeans arrived they turned it into a desert. (proven by recent archaeological evidence). Thus, Easter Island is a microcosm of what is going to happen to the rest of the planet soon enough.

    Can you provide any evidence that coal and oil had nothing to do with global population growth?

    DDT and similar chemicals are still used in some South American and African countries because they have non-existent pesticide regulations and government controls. Thus, this is why you still get so called ‘Ebola’ and ‘Zita viruses’. lol



    Aknenaten: “Malthusian” is the term favored by Dr. Robert Zubrin in his book “Merchants of Despair: Radical Environmentalists, Criminal Pseudo-scientists, and the Fatal Cult of Antihumanism”. I highly recommend purchasing and reading this, with an open mind. The misleading, deceptive, fraudulent information of decades of deliberate effort by many powerful agendas gets exposed, with the highest degree of scholarship and journalistic integrity. Knowing what I know I see through the stuff you keep insisting on as true. I challenge you to be intellectually honest by reading this book, and be prepared to have your view of these things changed. For a quick overview, see Stefan Molyineux interview Dr. Zubrin on YouTube. As for DDT having anything to do with ebola or zika or any other virus, well Dr. Zubrin has a whole chapter dedicated to what he calls “criminal pseudo-scientists”.



    I have already proven that Stefan Molyineux is just an actor and is not a scientist of any description. So, why do you keep insisting that he is a reliable source of information and opinion? Note – It is only human nature for humans to believe their superiors and authority figures but this is a human weakness and is not a human strength. Dr. Zubrin has an agenda to protect the medical and pharmaceutical industries because he is part of the system. Thus, his opinions also will be myopic and biased. The world that we live in is not the place that you thought is was. Evil and deception are embedded in every level of our society. This deception goes back thousands of years into our past. Religion was the first deception that has cursed the human race. Religion affects everything in our society including science. Conspiracy is the norm of human behaviour, it is not a rare or uncommon event. Everything that has happened in the past has had some elements of conspiracy included into it. Everything is prearranged and manipulated by those who are in positions of power. This corruption is passed on from father to son from generation to generation. Thus, you get George Bush senior followed by George Bush junior with a continuance of corruption and family ties. Note – World wars I and II were about oil in Iraq and were not about dictator suppression and freedom. (More ruling class deception)

    Try Dr Lovelock’s video for an alternative view – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDZdcgyVTX0

    Video on DDT – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMSEnIVFBQ0

    Weston A Price – Article on DDT and polio – http://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/pesticides-and-polio-a-critique-of-scientific-literature/



    Akhenaten: Again, at the risk of being overly repetitive, Stefan Molyneux operates a web site and does interviews. The interview I refer you to is with Dr. Robert Zubrin, whose reputation and credential and beyond reproach. If you really don’t like Molyneux, then just get the book. I just thought a nice preview video would help you take interest in the subject. And all the things you talk about are explained in scholarly fashion, and in the Socratic tradition. If you’re completely emotionally wedded to your apocalyptic visions and just can’t let go of them, then spare yourself the effort of learning anything else. If not, My referral here is my sincere effort to help you gain necessary insight.



    It is quite clear that you have not bothered to look at or even include any of the references that I have supplied. Thus, you are totally blind to any evidence that disproves your opinions.
    I have read some of Dr Zubrin’s ideas and have found them to be full of mistakes and misconceptions. 1. For example – He believes that “most birds die because of insect borne diseases”. Note – Birds have feathers which protects them from insect bites. Thus, what he is saying is just a load of hysterical nonsense. 2. He believes that it was British Taxes that caused the Irish Potato Famine. More ridiculous nonsense. Note – It was the lack of potatoes dummy! That’s why they called it the POTATO FAMINE! How could you believe in such a nincompoop?



    Akhenaten: Birds eat insects. The Irish potato famine was a mono culture agricultural disaster in the making thanks to land use policies that favored absentee, mostly English, land owners. So, read the next chapter and I’ll be glad to help you get through that as well. You might want to be just a little more open minded and not have an attitude you already know it all. We are blessed with scientific and intellectual giants, and Dr. Rubin is one of them. It’s okay to raise legitimate questions, genuinely seeking answers. I try to do as Socrates taught, to always keep asking the next question, without ever expecting to achieve the ultimate answer.



    1. Socrates was a philosopher. This is a scientific discussion about science. You can’t apply philosophical principles to matters of science. Philosophy is just wishy washy personal opinion. Science is fact and experimentation.

    2. People kill insects with DDT and other dangerous chemicals. Birds eat same insects and die also. Thus, its the pesticide that kills the birds, not the “insect borne disease” that intellectual midget Dr Rubin talks about.

    3. Neither the dreaded potato blight, nor the dreaded English tax system caused the Irish potato famine. It was a volcano in the Dutch East Indies. (Mount Tambora).


    Thus, as we can see, you childhood hero, Dr Rubin is looking a little fragile now! Do you have any more heroes that I can shoot down for you? lol



    Akhenaten: Science and philosophy are inextricably linked. The more you post here the more obvious it is you aren’t very well educated. Birds eat live insects, that potentially carry viruses, which is why we use insecticides, to kill the insects and the viruses they carry. These viruses are bad for birds and bad for people. Further you completely lose any small semblance of credibility you might have had, wherein a real intellectual midget here refers to an indisputable intellectual giant in Dr. Zubrin, (not Rubin), as an “intellectual midget”. As for your potato famine, the proximate causes of the blight should be viewed in the larger picture of the over dependence on the potato mono culture. But I feel I’m casting my pearl before swine here. Not only are you woefully ignorant, and intellectually defective, your conduct on this board is contemptible. You’re not worthy of respect. Unless that changes, I’m requesting you refrain from being a continuing unwanted distraction here any further.



    Akhenaten account has been suspended for off-topic discussion and trolling

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