Is it Time for Focus Fusion Energy Taking of Center Stage?
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Investment Concerns over Oil and Gas

Last month one of the leading infrastructure investment companies, AMP Capital barred its responsible fund managers from investing in fossil fuel companies. The decision brought this aspect of AMP’s business into line with similar decisions taken by Northern European Banks, and several church funds.

AMP Capital stated it was the ‘‘growing interest and concern’’ on climate change which fuelled its decision to block investment in fossil fuel industries. These concerns are not just changing the view of investment houses, but state leaders too.

Despite poor conditions, India’s Prime Minister-elect Narendra Modi, recently commented that the country would be looking to alternative fuels to fossil fuels to provide electrical power.

He said: ‘‘We believe there are sufficient alternatives to coal-fired generation that meant that we were happy to exclude thermal coal mining.’’

With fossil fuels being seen as an enemy of the planet, what’s the alternative?

Cometh the Hour Cometh the Clean Energy Source?

Focus fusion power, an energy source modeled on the sun has long been the dream of scientists for decades. If it comes to fruition, then it will only transform the way we live. Its scope to provide clean electricity is nothing short of breathtaking. Consider:

  • Focus fusion fuel has no greenhouse gas emissions or nuclear waste
  • Focus fuel power is decentralized so in the advent of a national emergency and or disaster, fewer people will be affected should a generator go down
  • Focus fusion fuel is infinite unlike its fossil fuel cousins
  • A Focus fusion generator should be able to generate more power than it takes to operate one

So how far are we from a focus fusion generator?

The answer is not as far as you may think. Though this sounds like the stuff of science fiction, a crowdsourcing project started by Chief Scientist and President of LP Fusion, Eric J Lerner believes his scientific team is two-thirds of the way to making focus fusion power reality.

Their crowdsourcing project has provided the funds to modify a device called the Dense Plasma Focus. This method was originally developed in the 1960s by J.W. Mather. This device uses magnetic fields to compress and heat the plasma. This approach utilizes the same model behind solar flares and quasars but on a much smaller scale.

Can Dr. Lerner’s team achieve focus fusion power success where governments have failed? Well, why not judge for yourself? Follow this link:–3

Though AMP’s non-responsible funds will still invest in fossil fuels, and there are loopholes in their recent decision to bar fossil fuel investment, it does shows that the views of people across the world can influence one of the world’s largest investment houses in making morally sound decisions.