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    From: S. Hussain, S. Ahmad, Mehboob Sadiq, P. Lee, M. Zakaullah, A. Waheed Published online: 8 July 2008- Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2008

    A study of X-ray emission from a Mather-type plasma focus device by simultaneously employing various X-ray detectors like silicon pin diode, photoconducting detectors (PCDs)—CVD-diamond and gallium arsenide (GaAs), plastic scintillator coupled with photomultiplier tube with and with out optical fiber is presented. The pin diode and PCDs are masked with 10 lm thick cobalt filter. The device is energized by 9 lF capacitor bank charged at 18 kV (1.45 kJ), giving a peak discharge current of about 175 kA, with hydrogen as the filling gas. The optical fiber coupling is found to be beneficial in minimizing the electromagnetic noise generated during the system operation.

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