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    Before he died in 2007, Robert Bussard claimed that given 6 years and up to $200 million he and his team could build the world’s first real net-power clean fusion system electric power plant.

    Is this true today of the ECM2 team or any other team? If not, what is the best guess?

    If this is true, it’s a game-changer and it will be somewhat easy to persuade policymakers to move this direction.

    AvatarBrian H

    10% of that and in ~4-5 yrs FF would have a licensable design that would be made available to mfrs. world-wide. That would implode regulatory barriers, and (IMO) all other fusion designs, and all renewables plants, would be economic roadkill. (Virtually instantly. Would you put money into something that at best would have a 10-50X cost disadvantage? Or even leave money in an existing facility? I think even most conventional electric infrastructure would be decommissioned as fast as it could be replaced.)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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