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    Two questions:

    1)I was wondering, once you have captured the x-rays in the photovoltaics and converted some portion of the plasma stream to DC, how much energy is left in the exhaust stream and lost as waste heat? Is this enough to heat a grounded heat exchanger to power a turbine? make a nice cup of coffee?…. or heat your house if you choose?

    2) (Just to throw more crap at the wall.)

    The exhaust stream (being overwhelmingly ion gas) would cause any heat exchanger to become positively charged as well, right?. Being grounded, I assume this would neutralize some more of the exhaust with electrons from ground and the energy would then be carried to atmosphere. Could you then use the charge gradient between the exchanger and the earth to draw current FROM the ground to power a load placed between the exchanger and ground?

    I am not talking “zero point” just a way to improve the efficiency of any DPF generator by taking advantage of the charge difference between the exhaust plasma and our little blue marble.

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