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    I was browsing around today, procrastinating while I am supposed to be writing up my project and found this.

    Virgin’s Pitch TV

    Basically submit a 2 minute pitch video and the best ones posted to the website get put on Virgin planes for all the business travellers to watch. Sounds like a pretty good captive target audience.

    I was going to post it in the new camera thread as there are some good examples of how to shoot a promotional video, and engage with the viewer

    They also have a section for got-a-big-idea, but that seems more for things the Virgin group themselves would be interested in. But you never know – Branson as his fingers in a lot of pies.

    The target of pitch TV may be a little low though. Sure there will be some business travellers that could have to power and influence to invest serious money, but are they really going to take a concept as big as focus fusion seriously if pitched this way. I don’t think so.

    A focus fusion pitch needs to be strong, with good technical facts but without complicating with detail. It needs to pitch more at the level of a TED conference speech.
    A long one would be 17-18mins, similar to Eric’s google tech talk but more honed to the business opportunities and updated with latest data. Then short cut down versions at 2 & 5 min length can be made from it. These would obviously need to be made under the LPP name rather than focusfusion.org


    I like it! Sounds like an excellent chance to get some face time with some influential people.


    This is very doable. Especially with some footage of the assembled device itself. It’s just talking heads and some intercut images. Now to work on the pitch itself. And maybe get some of those mics you talk about. We have an old DV camera – consumer end, about 7 years old, but some of those other pitches didn’t look much better quality than that. And DV tape is all they require. If we make sure the lighting and sound is good. Maybe grainy isn’t an issue. And it won’t be grainy!

    Thanks for your procrastination!


    Even if we don’t pitch the decision makers directly, we’ll be reaching sales-oriented people who have ready access to a bunch of decision makers. Great find, James!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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