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    Just an idea, probably no feasible, but might be useful for Tokamak-like confinement, in addition to or instead of magnetic confinement:
    What if the wall would vibrate in order to try to reduce the heat transfer from plasma and push the plasma further apart.
    I wonder what would a model show, whether mechanical properties are realistic or there is no benefit in this effect.


    The timescales of turbulence and cooling etc in plasma is measured in microseconds. Also these devices are huge. So there is no way this is feasible as you can’t move that much mass far enough to matter. Perhaps “vibrating” magnetic fields, or active feedback. Some work is being done with that now.


    I don’t quite get it how a vibrating wall could help and I’m also not a mechanical engineer, but I guess they wouldn’t like the idea or maybe some would – as a challenge 🙂
    Just to give you some figures since they are readily available from my desktop background:
    The total ITER machine mass (cryostat +vacuum vessel + magnets) is 23350 t.
    Shielding , divertor and manifolds (the wall) are 7945 t.


    i think the essential point is, that if the plasma touches the chamber wall, that’s bad. so maybe the vibrations would make it bounce?


    No it wouldn’t. It would just cool and perhaps sputter some contaminants into the plasma, since they are moving so fast compared to any physically plausible vibration. From the plasmas point of view, the wall is stationary.


    Think fast processors brain and what we are willing to give up. I am 1 degree cooler than the average human being and have spent most of my life vibrating at 10 times my normal heart rate….


    It would be nice to compare. They have construction – LPP had construction. LPP’s construction went over time and budget – but that just threw things off by a month and an extra 10K or so? Actual stats would be interesting.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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