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    The Texas 22nd district is the most significant one among the local races going for election in March. The primary election on the 4th March will decide the republican candidate for the elections. The Texans are looking forward to a government that is responsive and efficient. The district is faced with certain issues which need to be sorted out, first and foremost. This would call for a leader who has risen from the grass root and belongs to Texas only. Only a person staying in Texas can understand the problems faced by the residents there and come up with an appropriate solution.

    Among the Republicans standing for election, there are many known names. This includes Dean Hrbacek , the former Mayor and Councilman of Sugar Land. The Republican candidate is attributed with many commendable achievements responsible for making Sugar land, a premier community in Texas. Dean Hrbacek has been credited with bringing about many positive changes in Sugar Land in the form of Tax cutting, bringing the University of Houston at Sugar Land, surface water transition, expansion of I-59, Town Square etc. among many others.

    After his successful stint as the Mayor of Sugar land, Dean wishes to extend his services to the district of Texas 22nd. The republican candidate wants to accord a premier status to Texas 22nd as well in the Congress. His agenda of progress in the district include reduction of high taxes, comprehensive immigration reforms to curb the inflow of illegal immigrants, supporting the Johnson Space Centre, continuing the fight against global terrorism among many others. Dean is a fourth-generation Texan who has lived in this district for quiet long. The Republican candidate has a great deal to offer his fellow Texans and holds promise, given his past records.


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