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    Hi All,
    we are working on new ways to attract investors for Focus Fusion. There is something that we could use some quick help, specifically how to describe the Focus Fusion value proposition in one sentence (tagline). Here is something I came up with:
    An energy source technology to end scarcity once and for all
    I would appreciate if you can suggest a more creative or catchy one.

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    A novel approach to replacing oil as the energy standard.

    Some thoughts…

    I think the focus should be more on increasing ROI. That’s what investors really care about. Making the world a better place is noble and everything, but not the primary purpose of investing.

    High risk, super ultra high reward.
    Changing the world isn’t easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.
    It’s time for a new Rockefeller.

    Of course, FF is currently best defined as being in ‘research stage’. Attracting any investors without already showing profitability is hard enough, but to to not even have a sales history or working prototype makes this even more difficult. I’m not saying this to be discouraging, I’m pointing out the obvious. Clearly there have been some investors willing to take the risk perhaps because it’s a noble effort, but this type of investor is a minority. Even this type of investor has right to be apprehensive, as they could invest in some other noble effort instead if it seems more likely to succeed.

    So, explaining away as much risk as possible would be very beneficial. An investor may be worried that even if you succeed in your research, you will not succeed in bringing your technology to market. This is the most important part of making money off of technology. There is no guarantee that this gap will be bridged. Once this stage is reached, numerous things could turn this into a boondoggle. I believe it is best to openly acknowledge this. Any astute investor will pick up on this quickly and your attitude about it is very important. If you refuse to acknowledge it, the investor is wise to lose faith in you.

    All things considered, FF isn’t and likely never will be for the ‘average’ investor. It will be most attractive to angel investors and those that appreciate novel approaches. So, I would build any proposition with this type of person in mind. An angel investor with a flair for novel approaches. This is a person inherently less afraid of risk and new ideas and more likely to invest.

    There is no market bigger than the energy market. It’s worth trillions. Disrupting it would likely be insanely profitable and unprecedented consolidation of all that wealth akin to what John D. Rockefeller achieved with oil is a real possibility. That’s very attractive to investors. I would play that hand as much as possible because you need something powerful to offset all the risk.

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    “Inventing power for the future.”

    Inventing implies risk and reward. Future means the rewards won’t come right away. The whole concept implies creating new technology and unexpected benefits.


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