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    The universe is a simple place which can be explained in a very simple manner using spin as the basic unit of activity which the universe is based. I came to this conclusion by observing that galaxies spin, planets spin, suns spin and that atoms must spin also. The universe is divided into fractal dimensions, like a series of Russian dolls. These dimensions extend to infinity both outwards and inwards directions forever.
    The universe is made of only one basic sub-atomic particle. This particle has 3 states – left spin (clockwise), right spin (anti-clockwise) and no spin (black-hole). The left and right spin could be interpreted as positive and negative, while the no spin particle could be interpreted as a black–hole or (neutron.)

    These 3 forms make up space and matter. Space is made of alternate left and right spin aether particles which I would call ‘ethons’. The no spin ethon forms the centre of all matter and atoms (neutrons). Neutrons could be regarded as black holes which attract aether particles into rotation similar to how planets rotate around a sun. Aether particles spin at the speed of light.

    The speed of light is a dimensional signature of the sub-atomic world. In the sub-atomic world, things happen very fast and don’t obey our laws of time and space. Light is a product of the sub-atomic world and travels at light speed because the ethons are naturally spinning at this speed and are thus conveyed like a conveyor belt. The ethons in space are not attached. They only engage one-another when light passes or they are united by a no spin ethon or neutron. When light passes through aether the ethons engage, as do the cogs in a clock or watch and cause the wave to move at the speed of light. Thus, light is two dimensional. It has both spin and wave energy.
    The universe is energy rich. Aether particles spin at the speed of light. When 2 aether particles approach a large body like a sun, they are pushed together and stop spinning. This releases their energy. Thus – E=MC squared.
    Using this concept the forces of the universe can be unified. Thus, spin becomes the common denominator which unites matter, light, electricity, gravity, weak and strong nuclear forces.

    Note – Positive and negative should be regarded as 2 different dimensions which come together at a central point called matter.


    What is your evidence/math to support this?


    Moved out of FF cafe as unrelated and into Noise as pseudoscientific

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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