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    Maybe using foreign languages of countries that are not rich with oil or i dont know trraditional energy sources but still have enough inhabitants (public) with such interest. OK maybe is knowledge of english connected with interest for alternative energy but maybe there is still place to make the desired influence on thinking and doing stronger ?


    We’ve had a lot of offers to translate various articles into a foreign language, notably Japanese and French.

    Basically, to accomodate several languages, we need two things, actually 3:

    1) A volunteer to translate the articles on the site;
    2) An editor/reviewer for quality control of translation (heck, we won’t know what they’re saying, who knows what we’d end up with on the site);
    3) A way to incorporate that into the website.

    So…without foreign language volunteers, we won’t have any foreign language content.

    As to adding it to the site, with the content management system we’re using, it’s possible that we could add foreign language fields to each entry, and then a button you can click on to switch to the language of your choice. That seems like the best way to organize it – keeping the article and its translations all in the same entry of the database. The disadvantage is that it will get a bit heavy for loading time if each article has five different language versions (my understanding is it loads all the fields and only shows the ones you ask it to).

    I’ll check on display options, but in the meantime, without translators, the effort is stalled.

    The cool thing is that this forum can handle foriegn languages. Here, for example, is some Persian:

    سلام! چه خبر؟



    my name is Dante, I’m brazillian, from the nothern city of Fortaleza. I’m a young public employee and college student (History, at Cear


    Dante, thank You very much for your reply/suggestion of working together with FF enthusiasts !

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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