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    Hi, I’d like to ask how the energy yielded by the Focus Fusion approach could be used in space propulsion.

    In watching the talk that Eric Lerner gave at Google, I see @28:03 he mentions the Earth’s magnetic field as the source of the angular momentum of the instability (it reminds me of the Coriolis effect, and how that influences the direction of vortices and eddies in the northern and southern hemispheres)

    So what happens if the Focus Fusion technique were to be used in a spaceship which is far away from the Earth and its magnetic field?


    The momentum provided by the earth’s magnetic field was just a bit of luck that helped LPF understand how to make things work. Today they have a small electromagnetic coil to supplement the earth’s magnetic field.

    In deep space, the coil could provide the full magnetic field.


    i am hoping that the EMdrive concept has merit, because i am fed up with rocketry.

    in terms of rocketry, though, focus fusion might lead to a low-thrust, high specific impulse thruster.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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