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    “Talk with fellow fusioneers about random things related to fusion in this catch-all forum for kicking back and socializing.”
    On the off chance it wasn’t just me that was misguided into placing discussion about safire in this board, the topic actually belongs here :

    safire project and coronal fusion

    I’ve recently mentioned the latest publication from safire, and am interested in this group’s comments on safire.

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    I looked at the pdf report. There are some interesting results. The research is at a very basic level. According to page thirteen of the report there are scientists with backgrounds in plasma physics, astrophysics, electrical engineering, and chemistry examining this project. They have access to much more expertise than LPP has. I think they need to continue the research.


    Link here to MIT breakthrough using super conducting magnetism:: http://news.mit.edu/2018/mit-newly-formed-company-launch-novel-approach-fusion-power-0309 Can someone with background offer some insight or opinion?


    I can’t offer any insights on the MIT news but I do have some thoughts about it. This news can stimulate more interest in fusion projects other than ITER. As a research tool it will give a boost to plasma physics and superconductor magnet construction.
    The magnets will be the most interesting part of the project for the next few years. There could be useful spinoffs like better MRI machines for medical use or more efficient motors for industrial use etc..
    Now I will speculate. This type of machine will convert fusion energy into heat to run turbines. Suppose these powerful magnets can give precise control over the plasma. It may be possible to siphon off a small beam of very energetic particles through a magnetic tunnel and use a direct energy capture system like LPP proposes. Then it would be possible to constantly feed in new fuel and extract helium and other fusion products.
    Another speculation. Suppose these magnets allow fast pulsing in the field strength. Each time the pulse is stronger the fusion yield increases. As the pulse decreases the fusion yield decreases. The pulsing fusion yields will amplify the magnetic force in the plasma that is pushing back against the magnetic force from the magnets. The pulsing magnetic fields allow energy to be extracted from the plasma in a transformer type action. Of course this is assuming a significant net energy production from the fusion reactions.
    Another possibility is that these magnets could be used in other magnetic confinement fusion projects.


    Thank you, FrancisI. Seeing anything from MIT tends to lend strong credibility. I like the focus fusion approach, as it works with the natural plasma instabilities. If a novel confinement concept can augmment this, to get the process over the break even line, I’m interested in it. And as you point out, super conducting magnetism has many other potential applications. This does look promising.


    MIT SPARC approach we did cover, it is certainly an interesting venue to be investigated, even if it fails to live up to the hype

    The Real MIT Fusion Announcement

    there has been some discussion in reddit about it

    A somewhat critical look at the MIT announcement from fusion

    However Saphire is a different matter as I consider it non-scientific due to lack of scientific publications, evidence of fusion reactions and (pseudo)religious claims. While I would love to have more and active discussion, due to this reason this thread goes to the ZPM section.


    Don’t be so closed minded.
    They are laying out what they doing, how they are doing it, and the results the are getting for all to see.
    You are supposed to be plasma scientists and as such u have a moral duty to try replicate results of others where possible. Their initial experiment was little more than a standard plasma ball in a bell jar powered up a little to get concentric spherical doubles layers. Its hardly beyound the capacity of the plasma science community to replicate such results.
    The only thing holding them back wrt credibility is you are your ilk who dismiss out of hand anything and everything they do, breaking science procedure specifically to deny them the credibility of replication of results by an independent group.
    The least you can do is be cordial and help spread word of their work, but no, inline with your mindless denigration you have to dismiss them as ‘pseudo’ religious. So what if they haven’t got mass manufactured stars in jars available to the public via ebay for $49.99, neither has Lawrenceville. You are merely further ahead in your research after 60 years work since the 1st DPF devices. Lucky for DPF research that you weren’t around in the 1950s, looking as you are to stamp out any new lines of plasma research.

    You continue to confirm my initial thoughts on you lot : you are butthurt that Monty has fundamentally improved the ‘star in a jar’ hypothesis in that he’s got a natural capacitor bank in the spherical shell doubles layers around the anode. In doing so he’s made his experiments and ultimately the end product far simpler than Lawrenceville with its capacitor banks.
    That SAFIRE is now swimming in funding must be another nail in the heart of Lawrenceville.

    Well, congrats. Your out of hand dismissals of SAFIRE has achieved something : You’ve one got one less science graduate writer singing your praises on the internet now. I’ve followed Lawrenceville avidly for years. But its been a disappointment to see Eric attack SAFIRE. It’s been ongoing for years now. I can’t be endlessly paternally forgiving of his zealous war against scientists who improve on his ideas. I’ve allowed him to have his knee jerk tantrum response, and given him more than enough time to calm down and sensibly consider Coronal fusion.
    History will record his petty disdain. Don’t feel too bad. Newton was just as guilty of attacking his peers because they threatened his glory. I still hope Lawrenceville does well, and reconciles with Monty and his hard working SAFIRE team. But I hope SAFIRE does better. By this I mean that yesterday I would have shared out funding between my 2 favourite plasma research groups Lawrenceville and SAFIRE, but starting from today I’d take Lawrencville’s funding and given it all to SAFIRE. :p
    That’s what I’ll be suggesting in my online writings from now on!

    You’ll be glad to know I’ve saved this thread and the other one, so I can share it on sites much more popular than this quiet forum and we don’t have to worry about the mod deleting them.

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