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    As long as we reached ignition conditions we would like to know possible uses of HB11 fusion, the problem it is 0.2% neutronic.
    Also Pulsotron can burn H-Li6 fuel

    We would like use as primary commercial use in heating in concrete industry, heating large buildings or other uses, in order to avoid use turbines and electric generator and reduce its power below 10MW


    If you are looking for uses for the waste heat from your reactor, why are you not considering a turbine?


    We are designing and buliding a new device to be used in turbines.
    The problem is that efficiency would be about 24%.
    Also we will try direct conversion to electricity by using magnetohydrodinamic generators

    But just last week a customer asked us about installation on a conventional gas motor of about 2-3 megawatts,
    Our problem is that current design would work about 1000 blasts/second , that perhaps would fits in a turbine

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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