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    Differentiation: To distinguish fusion (food) from fusion (nuclear science)
    Awareness & Education: To leverage food and cooking to illustrate the concepts and challenges of mastering fusion
    Attitude: To get people to bond with fusion through food
    Resources: To have a stock of food ideas and recipes for fusion events
    Fun: To enjoy the quest for fusion and not notice how long it takes since we’re having fun eating and socializing.
    Celebration: To celebrate fusion

    They say the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach, so if we want to get fusion into the hearts of mankind, a food-based approach would not be amiss.

    The plan:
    Online plan: We brainstorm the recipes and fusion concepts here, developing our own online cookbook, start the networking for actual TV specials etc.
    Broader plan
    Bring physicists and chefs together.
    Get the physicists to talk about fusion concepts, and also their favorite foods.
    Get the chefs and physicists to brainsorm about how these concepts relate to cooking, or how they can be illustrated with food (we’ll have laid the groundwork with our own brainstorming – they will add their expertise/endorsement/validation).
    Together, the physicists and chefs prepare dishes to explain the themes, or in any case, help people see fusion exists and is slightly different from food : )
    We turn this into a TV show getting exposure to these cool ideas. Digesting the concepts, so to speak.
    Cookbook and DVD spinoffs keep fusion foods on the scene.
    Show sponsors end up becoming corporate donors for fusion.
    Investors likewise find out fusion possibilities through food.
    People are drawn to the food and stay for the fusion.
    Everyone has fun.

    Product spinoff:
    Cooking shows – physicsts visit a cooking studio and talk.
    A travelling cooking show: Here we cincorporate a geographic dimension to further differentiate approaches to fusion. The chefs travel around the country and world, visiting the physicists on their home turf, selecting ingredients from the “backyards” of these experimental facilities (a way to address NIMBY). For example, LPP is in New Jersey, Tri Alpha is in Orange County (I think), ITER (best name for a cooking show) is in Europe…
    A cookbook: At the end of this, we’ll have a lot of dishes to choose from. We pick the ones that best illustrate the ideas. The inspiration for said cookbook is the Star Wars Cook Book. I love those wookie cookies.
    Consumer products Cooking products & foods with a fusion theme. Licensing can be involved here. Although simply encouraging people to have fusion themed products and say a few words about the needs of fusion serves a marketing function for the cause and may be enough in and of itself. An example of this is bubbly drinks. I shall post that separately.

    Action Steps/ Workflow for this project:

    Use this forum to develop cooking ideas or recipes.
    Use one topic/thread per idea/recipe: For example, if you have a dish to explain the concept of Bremstrahllung…don’t tuck it in the middle of another post about clams (the clams came up as an idea for the finished DPF machine – have it open on a hinge)

    Each recipe needs:
    a catchy title
    an actual recipe that’s yummy
    A fusion concept or experimental device it’s paying homage to
    An explanation of the connection between the two
    catchy graphics or display of the dish

    Once you’ve gotten that together, we can close that thread topic, and it’s ready to post on the website in the soon to be launched “finished recipes” section. [Tech issue: this means we need to develop a section of the website for food and for easy posting of finished recipes by members. Also, we have to add that ever elusive dig voting feature. ]

    Eventually, we select the best recipes and concept explanations for inclusion in a cookbook.

    Member perks – members of certain standing can get a print of the cookbook. The general public can buy it… [organizational issue: we have to clear that with legal, make sure we can be in compliance with our 501c3 tax exempt status while selling things. There is a way – museums have gift stores, and so forth. I think it’s a matter of paperwork, but there is certainly some formal thing that must be done here].

    Throughout all this, we shall be soliciting TV chefs or cookbook writers to do a show on this topic.
    We can solicit magazines to run fusion food articles. This may be the way we actually get a hold of Oprah, through a food segment.
    Also, we need to find physicists who are willing to participate. I think many would rather stay locked up in their labs working than venture out to the harsh lights of a cooking show, which they may feel is trivializing. So, finding a good spokesperson/cook/physicist who gets the spirit of the thing may take some time as well.

    And throughout: approaching food and beverage manufacturers as corporate sponsors and makers of fusion-promoting fusion foods, using copy and pitches developed in this forum.

    And then as all of this starts coming together and gathering momentum, we sit back and enjoy the resulting infusion of actual fusion cooking into the world!

    Bon fusion apetit!


    Now we’re cooking!

    Maybe some fusion burgers to illustrate heat, compression and time?

    I can target smartphone users by city for a lot less than AdWords clicks. Typically 13 cents or less.


    This could be a natural for Rachel Ray’s cooking show.


    I like Rachel Ray, too. The question is: Does Rachel Ray like physics?

    Plasma pasta.

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