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    One of the instruments used to measure fusion is the “bubble detector” – the more bubbles, the more neutrons (when you’re running DT gas) – proof of fusion.

    The ideal product tie-in for this is champagne or any number of other bubbly beverages. Slap a fusion-conscious label on a bottle, with a blurb about fusion, neutron detectors, bubbles – and celebrate fusion every time you drink! Celebrate the quest (before fusion). Celebrate the achievement (milestones along the way – and the ultimate achievement.)

    Action Steps / further rationalization:
    a) explain the bubble detector more clearly, and for a lay audience;
    b) find makers of bubbly beverages, whether that be champagne, sparkling juice, beer or soda;
    c) get these beverage manufacturers to create a special label for their beverage “Fusion Fizz”, “Fusion Champagne” to tie in with bubble detection. The label would have a short blurb about the ongoing quest for fusion, and neutron bubble detection.
    d) If it’s champagne or other sparkling wines, people can get into the habit of toasting “to the day that net energy from fusion is achieved”
    e) and when that day comes – we can toast to its achievement : )
    f) Manufacturers can also dedicate a part of their profits to fusion research.
    g) different brands can back different fusion projects and say a bit about those projects, raising awareness of the diversity of approaches.

    Oh, so many ways to tie fusion in to life. Let the celebration begin!

    I, for one, would always buy fusion champagne on special occasions – keep that promise on the horizon.

    Action Steps: (Per Jerry Gross)

    But because I love to have fun, and certainly do not object to drinking bubbly, I really like your idea to partner with a Champagne producer. I’d put this “invitation” on your web site, and urge your fans to recruit a sparkling wine producer to be part of this promotion.


    And now, to collect interesting ideas that can make their way onto labels of fusion bubbly:

    Per Jerry:

    the last words of John Maynard Keynes, widely considered the father of modern economics, were “I wish I’d drunk more Champagne

    Per an anonymous physicist:

    Interesting you should think of this . One of my favorite books is the 1970 Bubble Chamber Data Book. Their Logo is a glass of champagne.


    There is more to bubbles. Think of the exhaust from a p-B11 reactor. A bit of unburnt fuel ( hydrogen and boron) and helium ash. Add a little oxygen and you get soapy water with helium bubbles.

    This is the kind of thing they would chatter about on the cooking show, while paring the fusion bubbly with some fine entree…to be determined.


    And, of course, our fundraising galas would tend to feature these beverages : )


    Rezwan wrote: And, of course, our fundraising galas would tend to feature these beverages : )

    “D-T crawl home”.


    Well, they don’t all have to be alcoholic. Nonalcoholic bubbly is fine!

    Anyway, for future reference, here’s a list of wineries in New Jersey. Support local farmers!

    We’re planning a fundraiser in October – wonder if any of them would donate some bubbly with a commemorative bubble detector label? We can always ask.

    Alas, my to do list is long. One happy day I will get to this.


    Hmmm…. maybe I should have put an embarrassed emoticon next to the double play on ET’s immortal phrase….

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