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    OK, I went to the “Email the Governor” page of the California state website. Arnold’s been legislating advanced greenhouse gas protection. I used the form to send the following email (the ever evolving message):

    Great job on the new greenhouse gas legislation! The only thing missing is any mention of fusion alternatives. What is your stand on fusion alternatives? My organization would like a statement.

    Fusion is closer than most people think.

    The Focus Fusion Society – https://focusfusion.org/ – is dedicated to developing fusion energy, ASAP, by advocating a systematic approach to exploring fusion alternatives, and supporting that research itself for the focus fusion approach.

    We’re not talking about cold fusion or fission. We’re not talking about conventional tokamak fusion (the ITER project) – which isn’t expected to work for another 50 years. (Do read up on Conventional vs. Focus Fusion the differences are substantial. For one thing, focus fusion is aneutronic.) Yet all US research money in fusion, limited as it is, goes into the one ITER project only. A grossly ineffective strategy, like funding one lone hospital program to find a cure for cancer.

    Fusion alternatives need to become a priority with the general public, politicians, yourself. We want to change the current apathy. We want people to demand their fusion. We want to see a “fusion race”. We’ve been lobbying the X-prize foundation to put up a “Fusion X-Prize”

    Help us advocate for this issue. We need a JFK type to show some real leadership and put fusion out there as the big hairy goal of this generation. The other solutions are fine as a backup if fusion is truly unsolveable. But we think the solution will be easily obtained when it gets the proper attention it deserves.

    Fusion. Why are we waiting? Let us know your stand on this vital but overlooked issue.

    If you guys have time, visit the site and ask the Governor a similar question. He needs to know that his constituents care about fusion. Well, those of you who are Californian, anyway.


    Ok, I made my pitch this morning.

    My Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

    I�m writing today to call your attention to another kind of project Californians (and the Nation) needs you to get behind. It�s a project that even leftists would support because in the end it promises to drastically reduce our dependence on oil for fuel using two ordinary non polluting chemicals. The technology is predicated upon sound science but because of one word in that technology�s name, many confuse Focus Fusion with cold fusion, a hotly debated topic in terms of feasibility.

    Focus Fusion is quite different in that it is aneutronic (no nuclear waste products remain after reaction). Using superheated (in the Focus Fusion chamber which has already demonstrated it can achieve the required heat necessary) Boron and Hydrogen, electricity is generated directly, no need to convert heat to energy meaning the gross efficiency of Focus Fusion is quite superior to any other energy technology currently in use.

    The funding of Focus Fusion has been hindered by its mistaken identity. My goal is to educate the politicians I support about this mistake in hopes that any discussion about alternative energy research funding include Focus Fusion.

    I encourage you to find someone you trust who has more time than you have and is also scientifically inclined to go to the following web links to research this technology:

    History https://focusfusion.org/index.php/site/article/history_of_focus_fusion

    Comparisons https://focusfusion.org/index.php/site/article/25

    The Lab http://lawrencevilleplasmaphysics.com

    The machine https://focusfusion.org/index.php/site/article/speed_2_plasma_focus_device

    Plan and funding needs https://focusfusion.org/index.php/site/article/44

    New Jersey has decided to get behind Focus Fusion but it is a small state with little clout. You can make California the most influential player in changing our future into one in apprehension of clean energy.

    Thank you for doing your job in the manner you promised to do it in. Though you did not win some key issues you have achieved quite a lot. Thank you for your efforts and sincerity in serving our State and Nation. Please take the time to learn about this vital alternative energy technology and see your way to support it.

    If you have any questions please do ask. I�m happy to discuss physics any day and on any issue pertaining to it.

    Colleen Thomas BSN, RN, MCP

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