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    AvatarPhil’s Dad

    I didn’t want to jump in before because there is real work being done here but you suggested…

    Rezwan wrote: …we have to start with creating “persona”s – what is the typical person looking for on our site. That will be another topic thread!

    A topic that the whole community could get involved in.

    When I did this sort of thing (pre-politics) I would start with a stakeholders map. There will be many different “typical person(s)” with very different needs.

    For example those scientists doing similar research you have already identified as a separate group.

    Who else has a stake in this. Potential license holders for the commercial product? Investors of course – large and small. Skeptics (“fusion is a pipe dream – prove me wrong” types). Competitors. Media. Who else?

    They will all want some common features but will also want a path unique to them. (They may not get it of course – that’s part of the decision making process)

    Looking forward to the thread on this.

    Happy: Christmas/Posadas Navidenas/Yule/Litha/Ashura/Zarathosht Diso 🙂


    Phil’s Dad wrote: Happy: Christmas/Posadas Navidenas/Yule/Litha/Ashura/Zarathosht Diso 🙂

    Happy solstice! Here comes the sun, and all the fusion energy that implies.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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