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    An excellent way to spread the word about Focus Fusion would be to join / participate in environmental activist groups. I am involved in our local 350.org group (Pipeline Resistance Team) which gives me the opportunity to post to their internal listservs. It is my experience that environmental activists care deeply about transitioning away from fossil fuels and may even think they know about Fusion (but if they do, it’s about Tokamak). I will be posting to the local listserv (potentially up to 6000 readers) explaining Focus Fusion. I would encourage others to pursue this strategy as well.
    In my post I acknowledge that we need solar and wind but advocate funding of Focus Fusion research as a potential source of unlimited energy. Some of these environmentalists have money and a program like “Fund a Shot” could well appeal to them. Once Focus Fusion gets the funding needed to realize the vision, it will be all we need to power this society.

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