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    Job Description
    Professional responsible for cultivating strategic partnerships through business and non-profit community outreach activities. This position develops sponsorship/business arrangements and relationships with businesses, individuals, schools and other organizations interested in supporting Focus Fusion Society general operations and program areas. This position interfaces regularly with the leadership of the Board of Directors and reports to the assigned Supervising Director or in its absence Executive Director.

    Position type
    Voluntary Unpaid, Remote, Minimum of 2 hours contribution per week

    Job Purpose
    The goal of organizational outreach is to develop ties between different organizations to educate them about Fusion Energy Research and learn about their long-term challenges and produce insight how realizing or developing fusion research could address them. To learn or create about grants, funding opportunities and to gain access to inter-organisational resources and create or improve partnerships.

    Job Scope
    Duties include, but are not limited to, the following:
    Development, improvement, and documentation of organizational outreach strategy using best practices, techniques, and tools which will be approved by Executive Director
    Execution of corporate outreach strategy
    Generation, research, tracking and follow up of organizational leads using provided database tools
    Public Relations Messaging Development and liaising with Marketing and other departments to provide any feedback or insights
    Solicit grants, gifts, and sponsorships from new and continuing partners

    To keep a current log or any outreach activities
    Record statistical data onto an organizational database
    To provide written reports on work undertaken, statistics, efficiency and other reports as required by the supervising officer

    Required Qualifications
    BSC or Equivalent education with some coverage of Business Development/Marketing/Public Relations

    Job Knowledge and Skills:
    Acute attention to detail is required.
    Maintains focus on priorities
    Self-starter with the ability to manage time effectively
    Proficiency in Email and Time Calendar Tools

    Areas aspiring of Excellence:
    Has a strong performance orientation and skillful strategic thinking. Establishes clear expectations and continuously measures performance
    Demonstrates excellence in both oral and written communications. Knowledge of external communications and cultivation techniques are essential
    A high degree of integrity in dealing with confidential donor and financial information
    Ability to coordinate all aspects of an event including – logistics, correspondence, financial reports and printed materials.
    Ability to organize and lead committee meetings and webinars

    Please note this is a Remote and Unpaid Voluntary position.
    To apply, please send your CV to webmaster@focusfusion.org .

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