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    You can definitely get unlimited, infinite magnification with a copier by blowing it up forever ’til eternity. But clarity of resolution ? Blah ! 😛 Perhaps we should conduct some serious ignoble research on why the foundation is cracked and the pot is a little leaky. 🙂


    breakable stated that :

    No offense tasmodevill44, but it seems you like to speak (write) alone a lot.

    I guess this means that some people get too extremely bored, impatient or closed – minded to take the time to even bother to read all the lengthy posting I do. Oh well……then perhaps somebody else will someday. 😉


    Yes, lets leave it for the future generations!!!


    Jimmy T on the ignoble copy machine microscope award :

    Obviously, there is somthing wrong with this idea. But what exactly ? Why wouldn’t this work ? Like I said, makes you think.

    Lik I’ve already said many times before……If nothing else, the impractical ideas sometimes help to provide food for thought, and also to narrow things down by process of elimination to what few things that will work.


    Woooo ! ! ! This is really fun reading:

    Here’s an excellent website that covers cold fusion, the arrogance of the mainstream science establishment, and just about everything I’ve discussed so far. Provided it doesn’t take 100 Million more future generations to read it all, the time and effort to read it all is definitely well worth it…… because it’s so well written in getting the point across. Here’s the website link :



    The main point is, how many more times must evidence be provided for a new (very old) discovery like cold fusion before it gains acceptance ? A million more times ? Ten million ? 100 million ? HOW MUCH MORE EVIDENCE ?

    Some like to argue that science is a hide – bound enterprise that is not open – minded……nor should it be. But I don’t completely agree with that. Being open – minded is just as crucial and important to science and reason as being skeptical.

    If science is not open – minded, it is only because arrogant conservative mediocrity within mainstream science made it that way…… and greatly stagnated and impeded it’s advance in the process.

    Not to mention the fact that closed minds and pessimist type of thinking has an innate, built – in tendency for becoming a self – fullfilling prophecy. If people say we can’t…… THEN WE CAN’T…… just as simple as that.

    And I can think of no better example than the history of things like cold fusion.


    Once again, here’s that website link about stubborn opposition to cold fusion, and vindication of it by the recent finds by the U.S. Navy laboratory, and etc. Very good reading ! ! !


    Definitely a very good must read ! ! !


    In fact, one scientist even went as far as to say that : ” Cold fusion only goes to show us that the atom is still unexplored territiory. There’s still a lot we simply don’t know about it. “


    By no means have all the big questions been answered. We still know absolutely nothing yet. This is typical of mainstream scientific conservatism…… thinking that science already knows everything and there’s nothing new to be found. Science only raises more questions than answers…… very queer universe inded.


    Even in these open – minded focus fusion forums, you still find a little closed – minded arrogance and smart – a – leck sarcasm from time to time…… I guess because some people think they are being funny or cute…… even if they’re not funny or cute. Comments like: ” You do a lot of talking to yourself a lot “, or statements like: ” Yes…… leave it to future generations ! ! ! ” ( Do I sense a little of that same kind of arrogance and sarcasm from people like Jimmy T or breakable in this forum subject…… or just my imagination ? )

    On the subject of religion and religious fanatics, I really loved the movie ” RELIGULOUS ! ” with anti – religion bashing comedian Bill Maher in it. It was hyterically funny ! ! !

    However, Bill Maher made a statement near the end of the movie which I TOTALLY disagree with. He said that ” SKEPTICISM IS HUMBLE ! ! ! ” :snake: :exclaim:

    WHAT ? ! ? ! ! ! Could you please repeat that again ? :snake: :exclaim: :ahhh: :question:

    By no means is skepticism always humble. Closed – minded skepticism can be just as ARROGANT as too much faith without evidence…… especially in the face of OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE for things like cold fusion. If anything, the fact that life is full of uncertainty is all the more reason to be open – minded about the UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES…… not to be skeptical…… whatever it may be…… whether it be spiritual, scientific, or anything else.

    Behind all types of arrogance you always have this arrogant air of absolute certainty…… that there’s an absolute 100% chance that you’re right…… and a ZERO PERCENT chance of any other alternative being correct…… whether it be fundamentalist religious fanatics who are absolutely certain they are right with no facts to back themselves up…… or arrogant athiests who go to the opposite extreme in being absolutely certain no god or supreme being exists (But were they there when the Big Bang occurred ?)…… or the stubborn mainstream science community absolutely certain Low Energy Nuclear Reactions ( LENR) is junk science…… stubborn denial of overwhelming evidence for cold fusion (the coulomb electrostatic charge barrier of repulsion is more of a psychological barrier than a physical one. Nothing that quantum mechanical tunneling can’t handle).

    In fact, the only certainty in life is uncertainty itself (Well, maybe death and taxes ). 🙂


    Tasmodevil44 wrote: In fact, the only certainty in life is uncertainty itself (Well, maybe death and taxes ). 🙂

    You had a really nice theme going, then you just had to go and ruin the ride with that, “Death and taxes” tired song.

    As Ford said, “Whether you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, you’re right.” If people are taught to accept that both death and taxes are inescapable, what then?

    And repeating that tired “truism” is not helping anyone now, is it?

    So many people see a piece of the pie, then get poisoned by the piece they don”t.

    Anyway along the lines of your post, just today as I was jogging the thought ocurred to me that there is no difference between the religously faithful and the militantly skeptic.

    The faithful believe in spite of the absence of evidence.

    The skeptics disbelieve in spite of the presence of evidence.

    Then there are the other two — those who believe when shown evidence, and those who disbelieve when there is no evidence. Often they’re right.

    Your post was mostly refreshing.


    AvatarPhil’s Dad

    So Tasmo, in ten words or less, what exactly are you saying? :smirk:

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