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    Job Title
    Online Journalist/Website Content Contributor

    Job Objective
    Source and create content for the Focus Fusion Society Site and support management the release of new material in-line with content requirements and Social Media Strategy development guidelines.
    Support the campaign around Fusion Energy Research, its Impact, Societal Development and Education.

    The Fusion Focus Society is an amazing not for profit organization that is pioneering the advancement of a technological revolution. It is governed under 501(c)(3), as an organization that is working for education and science. We are a grassroots campaigning and educational organization, fighting to bring cheap, clean and plentiful energy from ultra high temperature fusion fusion to all.

    Position type
    Voluntary Unpaid, Casual, Minimum of one contribution per week.

    Job Description
    Sourcing content for the Focus Fusion Society site using the strategic tools available.
    Adding new content blog once per week
    Engaging in conversations with individuals who may, articles or social media
    Liaising casually with project coordinators to discuss the development of the online project.
    Working relationships
    Other online journalists and blog contributors involved in the project and the Focus Fusion Society website coordinators

    Key tasks
    Writing and proofreading articles, creating short videos and sourcing photography to keep the blog site interesting
    Keeping track on related subjects in local and national media
    Publishing new content on the main WordPress site and through other social media platforms, e.g., twitter, facebook in-line with social media strategy and in collaboration with social media coordinator.
    Requesting features and suggesting improvements to the process, the website or social media platforms
    Core skills
    Excellent writing skills a good vocabulary with meticulous attention to Spelling & Grammar
    A creative, independent worker who take up initiative on tasks.
    Opportunity to make a difference in Fusion Energy Discovery and Education of Society
    Work with a dynamic team of motivated people
    Boost your portfolio of work experience
    Meet like minded people
    Best Candidates could gain entry to some important events
    Further Opportunities also available to multi-talented Candidates.
    Additional Notes
    Basic training in social media/blogging will be provided and leads to new content will be signposted.
    Please note this is a Remote and Unpaid Voluntary position. To apply, please send your CV to webmaster@focusfusion.org .

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    Thanks for asking. FFS does have paid staff, but they are not paid a lot or do a lot of work as as such we are mainly run by unpaid volunteers. I am working to change that and be able to compensate our volunteers, interns and have full-time paid staff, but for beginning we need volunteers to help us build up the organisation a bit and then we can actually be able to raise money in the amounts necessary to support paid staff. This is yet another catch 22 – what in the fusion world is not a catch 22?
    Considering we have 300 USD per day Google Ads Grant and have huge numbers of people visiting website each day, we just need a few minor tweaks and some content additions to the website to get that going – and we do have people showing interest, but only a few interested in volunteering.
    I expect this position to be only a few hours a week to be able to produce one 400 words article or so. This would enable us better target the website and in addition to a few other tweaks would be enough to get the Sisyphus boulder over the peak.
    I am working on more and refining the job specs as well as other organisational documents. Once I have all the job specs ready I will publish them more widely and hopefully we can get enough interests that sifting trough all the flakes will find us a few golden grains that will help make fusion a reality. Naturally once there are enough contributions to pay salaries, we would prioritise the people who actually helped build the organisation rather than someone late to the party.
    Would YOU like to volunteer?

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