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    S Lee, SH Saw, P Lee, RS Rawat in Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 51 (2009) 105013 (8pp)

    Abstract: Numerical experiments are carried out systematically to determine the neon soft x-ray yield Ysxr for optimized neon plasma focus with storage energy E0 from 0.2 kJ to 1 MJ. At low energies the soft x-ray yield scales as Ysxr~E01.6 whilst towards 1 MJ it becomes Ysxr~E00.8. The Ysxr scaling laws are found to be Ysxr~Ipeak3.2 (0.1 ā€“ 2.4 MA) and Ysxr~Ipinch3.6 (0.07-1.3 MA) throughout the range investigated. When numerical experimental points with other ā€˜cā€™ values and mixed parameters are included, there is evidence that the Ysxr vs Ipinch scaling is more robust and universal, remaining unchanged whilst the Ysxr vs Ipeak scaling changes slightly, with more scatter becoming evident.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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