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    Dear Fusioneers!
    We have some great news. Our website has been rebuilt to be shinier than before. If you had an account please reset your password at https://focusfusion.org/lost-password/ . We will keep you updated and advised about any other amazing changes that arrive with the fresh breeze of our new WordPress platform (and we should be able to link you to the old website after a while in case you forgot something there). Please drop us a line in case of any questions, suggestion, thoughts, comments or requests at info@focusfusion.org or by replying to this email. Also if you are willing to continue being a moderator or take any other responsibilities, then this would be a good time to apply.

    You are also welcome to take this as an opportunity to support our efforts and even become dues paying member at https://focusfusion.org/donate/

    Additionally, we would like to thank our Writer Racheal for generously helping us to come up with inspiring words, thoughts and contents of the website. You can find more about Racheal and her services on her PPH profile https://www.peopleperhour.com/freelancer/racheal/writer/1211052


    I am sorry if you might have gotten more than one email. Setting up a newsletter on WP was a lot of pain and our mailing lists are currently disorganized, but should get better in the future.


    Like the new sleek look…good job. Integrated logo etc is good.


    Love the new look. Nice work!


    On the old site I was able to get a list of the most recent posts. How can I do this on the new one?


    I like the new website. There are 11 buttons at the bottom of a reply page. Can a sample post be created using each of the buttons? They can be a little intimidating because there is no instruction on how some of them should be used. Some explanation of how the Edit function can be used would be nice too.


    Hi Tim1, I added a “recent topics” link in the forums and will work out a “latest replies” soon as that one is a bit more work.

    Francis, the buttons above the post are just to help you format the text a bit better and add images. I guess they could benefit from explanation. In terms of Edit there should be a button above each post which you click and then the post becomes editable. Is there anything specific that is more difficult there?


    Thanks. The “recent topics” link looks like what I wanted. It may help to add a login button next to the notice that you have to be logged in to post replies. Also I think there may be a broken image link just under the logo on the top of the page. It looks like it’s a link to the first image in a set of images. It might be associated with something called “new-wallpage02”

    Great work!


    The broken image should be fixed. Will take a look at adding a link to login page when I have more time. By the way you should be able to upload an avatar on the top right-hand menu after logging in, in “Edit My Profile”. The link should be:


    In the Reply To there is a box that says “You can use BBCodes to format your content.” Please post a link to BBCodes for those of us who have not used them before.


    I cant find exact link for GD bbPress Tools bbcode, but this should probably work:
    It is a but limited and if you feel like there is a better plugin for bbpress or any other functionality that could help I would be glad to look into it. Maybe we could even consider switching to a different forum platform or consider developing our own plugins in case of specific need.


    Here is another link for BBCodes. It includes a playground for testing codes. I don’t know if everything is compatible with this site.


    Is it possible to add a topics viewed counter or slider? It was a good tool on the old website to judge how much interest there was in particular topics. The counter or slider could replace the voices slider if there isn’t enough room.


    Not sure how to get an automatic postview done – we can get someone with some experience to do it, but you can now add it manually to posts with this shortcode

    [ post-views ]

    you should get something like this

    Naturally it will only count the posts that happened since then.


    Let’s discuss future feature requests in a sepparate forum:

    Feature Requests

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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