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    Sigma here, just finished putting up a page for Focus Fusion at myspace. Hopefully we can use it to garner more attention for this site, and possible get a few more donations.

    The myspace is new and I am far from done, but I would appreciate input and ideas.






    i’m more of a facebook kind of guy.


    First, maintain the myspace webpage. I’ve asked to be added a long time ago, and still no response.

    Secondly, be careful who asks you to join. Usually people who have pictures of themselves are trustworthy, and can join. Also people who have filled their profiles properly are trustworthy. Be careful if a specific person who asks to be added has only one picture of him or herself. Watch out for spam. Don’t click on unwanted spam for any reason whatsoever. If people see posts with spam that come from your account, change the password. Have the blog up to date with the most recent news.

    That’s all that came up for now. If I have further advice, I’ll tell you.


    Now I’ve been to myspace.

    The most important change I’d make would be to start where my readers are- broke, and tease them into reading more, like Aaron did with the Homepage blog. All prospects’ favorite station is WIIFM (What’s In It For ME?).

    If MySpace is still mostly broke teenagers, you may do better by “selling” them the action of joining a mailing list for more information, bookmarking your page on Digg, StumbleUpon, etc., which can bring in traffic from other sites and the search engines.

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    Hope this helps. If not, just ask.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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