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    I have encouraged a professor at my alma mater, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, to quote on the desired EM modeling for LPP fusion. I have some experience in electrical power, and one thing that haunts a pulsed power system are the voltage reflections generated at terminations and devices. These are usually controlled by voltage breakdown devices which allow some energy to leak away in an arc-over. This is one of the fear-inducing factors in all the EMP conspiracy theories.


    LPPFusion has requested COMSOL help twice on the website and provided an email reply address. I have found an expert for you and emailed you, but there has been no reply.

    So – do you want a COMSOL expert or not?


    I believe that LPP has requested modeling help “similar to COMSOL”. There are many modeling companies and software ‘out there’. Wouldn’t it be best to have competing bids?


    In case of urgent reply needed feel free to use the phone number as indicated on their website:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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