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    Residents of LA!

    Help us set up a Focus Fusion Society chapter in Los Angeles! We want to get a local chapter going there, as we have in New York. As our first project, we want to have a fund raiser/cultural/science-meets-art event there. We are thinking of something at an art gallery, maybe with a display of images associated with Focus fusion, perhaps a bit of music if we can arrange it, and a presentation by video from the FF-1 team.

    Who in the LA area would like to help, take part in chapter meetings, or be notified of this event? Discuss here and send your name and phone number to our chief LA organizer Kristin@focusfusion.org

    AvatarJohan S Sosa

    I’m a 6 hour drive from LA, but I won’t mind the drive for the occasional weekend meeting.


    Johan, if by six hours you mean you’re near the San Francisco Bay Area (where I’m located), maybe we should save some gas and open a chapter up here as well….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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