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    As reported by Eric Lerner:

    Chris Hagen of National Security Technologies announced for the first time work that has been ongoing for a few years in Las Vegas Nevada to use large DPFs as neutron sources for testing purposes. NSTec had built in 2008 a 500 MJ DPF called Tallboy that produced 3 MA of peak current and is now testing a 1 MJ DPF that is expected to generate over 4 MA of peak current, which will make it the most powerful in North America, and possibly in the world. The work, while unclassified, was funded by a Department of Energy National Strategic Security program that had previously limited public disclosures. Tallboy achieved a maximum neutron yield of 6×10^11 with deuterium, when charged with 250 kJ. Currently the new 1 MJ Gemini machine uses electrodes with the following dimensions: anode radius 7.5 cm, cathode radius 10 cm, insulator length 7.5 cm and electrode length 50 cm, which makes it intermediate in size between the larger PF-1000 in Warsaw and Focus-Fusion-1 in New Jersey.

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