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    AvatarIvy Matt

    What the heck?:

    Post subject: Enemies or friends(Iranain nuc plasma scientists)
    Posted: 28 Oct 2012, 12:21

    American plasma technology on the back of Iranian nuclear plasma scientists lives.

    Please just listen to the section on the 33 minutes of the presentation in the link below given by the leading American plasma physicists and their organization on the 12.10.2012.

    Iranian nuclear physicists are murdered, but Iranian nuclear plasma physicists are asked for money and assistance by Americans to help them for the Americans to get their plasma technology up and running.

    Look at the screen behind the presenter on the 34 minutes into the presentation Tehran is fully mentioned.

    This is a recent video conference recording of the leading American plasma physicist’s technology organization organized by E&Y in Times Square this month in New York.

    The American’s do not have money and use a loophole to beg for technology from Iran and then murder the hand which feeds them.

    Now we hear from horse’s mouth that Iran is the most advance nation in nuclear plasma technology.

    Now look at the 39 minutes picture in the background and you see the Keshe Foundation reactor.

    NASA has banned all its scientists and threatens them with loss of their jobs if they get in touch or be in touch with the Keshe Foundation and even http://www.keshefoundation.com is banned and blocked internally by NASA for our website not to be watched by their scientists and then under hand the Americans go and beg for Iranian nuclear plasma technology.

    Does NASA think that their scientists have no computer at home or in their public libraries that they cannot read about our advancements in space technology, do they think it is still 18th century and they can control people thought’s and habits to teach themselves and know about the real scientific developments.

    If you think I am joking about this ban by NASA then ask NASA workers to go to Keshe Foundation site at their work, they will not get access and they will not receive any emails as it is blocked by US governments in all space centers to read about usplease asked them jut to check.

    We send NASA scientists on their request e-mails and they will tell us they cannot receive it with their NASA link.

    Or ask NASA HQ to deny that Keshe Foundation is blocked internally.

    We have documents to this effect from NASA workers whom have been in touch with us over years.

    Why should the most powerful space agency of the most super powerful nation on earth be frighten of the most smallest and most advance space organization like us, simply the color of the passport (Iranian) of its director, when suits them and no more.

    We invite the US government to come to the Keshe Foundation center like any other nation on the 6.11.2012 for their USB stick and with kindest of pleasures they can have the knowledge transfer stick from us free of charge as we did with Iranians and Italians.

    Now you know how peaceful Iranian nation and government is, even though they get threatened they still collaborate for advancement of science with their biggest so called enemy and what we call in Iran our scientific brothers.

    Now is it shame to be human! Or is it shame to be American? I hope nether.

    I wonder once they get their lout from Iranian plasma physicist’s, then they bomb the research labs which they got their information from in Tehran and then they start killing the unclear plasmas physicist’s as they did with heavy metal nuclear physicist’s not to show that they are behind their fellow Iranian scientists.

    My advice to Iranian officials is simple, please your Excellency president Ahmadinejad do not make the same mistakes of the past to be correct with nuclear inspection committee of UN and as your Excellency gave the full names and home addresses of all Iranian nuclear physicists to IAEA for our nation to be correct with their demand and then IAEA immediately gave the list to American and this is how they murdered so many of us in the past three years at our homes and on the way to work.

    Please this time change names and addresses and let our scientists work with American brothers with falls names that we can protect our national assets of scientists, that they cannot kill us again once they got the fruits of our hard work.

    I know as an Iranian nuclear plasma scientist how this feels as your Excellency president Ahmadinejad knows how I personally have been imprisoned and sentence to death by the Canadians in my 11 days of ordeal in the hand of animals in Toronto airport on the 8-11.6.2010.

    Woolf in the skin of sheep can do more damage once in the pen as we have seen with IAEA job.

    We ask our readers to please download this video anywhere you can that if it’s taken off the web we can record and see the truth.

    The article published on the YouTube. Please see 28, 33 to 39 minutes into the presentation

    Published on 26 Oct 2012 by Focus Fusion Society


    LPP’s chief scientist Eric Lerner explains who is who in the world of fusion energy research and what’s the latest in the research and development world of plasma physics and nuclear fusion. This video documents the LPP’s presentation given at an event organized by the Center for the Economic & Environmental Partnership, Inc. and hosted at Ernst & Young location at Times Square in NYC on October 12 2012. Tighten your seat belts for this exciting overview of current technologies and a promise of the cheap, free, safe and clean energy awaiting for us in a near future.

    Fortunately the United States finally accepted Mr. Keshe’s USB stick:


    I’m sure the United States government is thrilled that it now has the technical know-how to build a plasma focus device.


    It seems they are exploiting some sort of URL redirection in expression engine just to pretend it is part of focus fusion website
    Keshe seems to be a fraud that is trying to make all kinds of unsupported claims related to fusion energy and even antigravity.
    I am not sure how is he planning to raisesteal money when all areas of fusion research are severely underfunded, but I guess in the realm of the absurd possibilities are endless.

    AvatarIvy Matt

    Breakable wrote: It seems they are exploiting some sort of URL redirection in expression engine just to pretend it is part of focus fusion website

    I’m not sure I understand. To give a little more context, most of my post (i.e. the long quote) was a verbatim quote of a comment M.T. Keshe posted in his own forum. In turn, the subject of Keshe’s post was the video of LPP’s presentation at Ernst & Young in New York on October 12th. Anyway, I was quite amused (though indignant at times on Dr. Lerner’s behalf) by Keshe’s strange interpretation of the significance of the video. But what really bowled me over was Keshe’s claim that the DPF fusion reactor (as conceived by Torulf Greek) was his own concept.

    However, I have since taken a look at Keshe’s patent applications, and I can see how his claim might be an innocent (if not terribly bright) mistake: after all, Keshe’s concept consists of two concentric spherical chambers, and Torulf’s conception of the DPF fusion reactor has the spherical “onion” X-ray collector, surrounded by a spherical water jacket.


    If you think its something innocent and in regards to credibility on par with focus fusion, then take a good read at
    http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Keshe_Foundation#Announcing_Space_and_Moon_Flights <-Whole page, but especially this section
    Even without any physics education you can clearly see either a complete fraud or a raving madman.

    AvatarIvy Matt

    I haven’t really commented yet on my opinion of Keshe’s overall credibility, but there’s a reason I placed the topic in this forum. After looking through his patent applications, I’m still not clear on how a physical embodiment of his invention, assuming one were to exist, would perform useful work. On his website Keshe touts an evaluation of his concept by a professor of mechanical engineering, who gives a rather confusing opinion. He says that the concepts behind energy production are feasible, but at the same time he strongly recommends that an expert in the field of nuclear energy production give a second opinion on the practical feasibility of the project, as his research does not concern nuclear energy production. That recommendation was made in 2005. I see no such second opinion on Keshe’s website, suggesting he either never sought it, or received it, but didn’t like the answer.


    But hey, $50,000 round trip to the moon with no need for training? i think he found my price point.
    but no EVAs. 🙁

    i will wait to buy a ticket, because i definitely want to go for a walk when i get there.

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