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    The old logo could probably serve as a model for some jewelery accessory. Maybe a pendant? Or earrings?


    Yes, various nuclei in various stages of fusing, along a bracelet or necklace.

    Also suitable for jewelry is the coiling electric currents.


    Hi Guys,

    l can help you with some jewellery for fund raising. When I am not tinkering with fusion reactors, I run a jewellery manufacturing and wholesale company.

    You probably need a good ring design for men, that can be manufactured in silver and gold, that can be promoted as a fund raising ring for fusion research.

    I imagine the ring would appeal to male students and science buffs, who want to show their support for clean green energy.

    I will ask my designer to make some sketches.

    It could be a good concept 😉


    Bee Jewellery Pty Ltd

    Bee Research Pty Ltd


    I wonder which one, ultimately will be the day job.

    Anyway, here’s a ring of mine, purchased in Albuquerque from some Native American Jeweler, I think. Alas I can’t recall who or where. If you recognize your work – shout out! The inscription inside is “925”

    I call it the plasma ring – with the whorls. Perhaps this can inspire some styles.

    Shown here in two handy poses – “action punch” and “mellow”.

    Attached files



    Very creative, I have seen similar rings made from old silver cutlery, where the prongs on a silver fork are twisted into these shapes.

    925 means 92.5% fine silver alloy (the rest is copper).

    I have a few ideas, and will get my jeweller to make something.

    How about a design with two deuterons for the fusion supporters and one with a 3He for the ones that have been there and done that 😉



    I think we need more fusion symbols, like the arms raised on the inverted peace symbol, as part of a fusion victory over coal and fossil fuels. . . but symbols for fusion vs. fossil fuels could be a good entree into a conversation about focus fusion, for those who ask.

    governments and companies use symbols all the time . . . maybe FFS should start using symbols as part of our resistance movement?


    At long last, a post on jewelry is up on the website. Check it out! https://focusfusion.org/index.php/site/article/aneutronic_jewelry

    Also, Steven, if you are up for it, you should set up a widget for the sale of the jewelry you had designed. I think the way to handle it is to have a widget featuring the jewelry and how a portion of sales is donated to us.

    In any case, I’d love to see more fusion jewelry options out there. Thanks for all your inspiring emails.

    As to the vehicle for donation, as you see, we have signed up as a charity on E-bay and are waiting to hear back from Google. So – if there’s a way to sell in Australia and donate via ebay or google, that would be cool.

    AvatarIvy Matt

    Hm, it’s been a month or so since Steven logged in, but I know he’s active on the fusor.net forums, and I believe I’ve seen him on Talk-Polywell as well.


    I saw this interesting website. http://www.joanhornig.com/

    My designs have a dual purpose: First, you get to enjoy a unique piece of jewelry. Second, all profits from the jewelry are donated to charity and have been since the line’s inception. You trigger the donations and direct where they go when you make a purchase. Your purchase will help the list of recipient charities grow and make an impact on organizations whose missions you care about.

    Yes, the music is overbearing, and the whole idea seems frivolous and I don’t see this as a big source of money for any given charity. But don’t write it off.

    There’s the publicity angle: a piece of fusion inspired jewelry might catch on and go viral – everyone wanting a certain signature piece, as seen on X movie star.

    And then there’s the intrinsic value of Fusion inspired jewelry. Cultural and economic value that goes beyond fusion.

    Inclusion in fusion via new roles:
    There are people out there who aren’t physicists, but who are jewelry designers. So they can now make jewelery for fusion and feel a part of the movement.

    Fusion integration into daily life: The dynamic here is that you’re integrating the cause of fusion into the marketplace of things that people wear. People, in the act of doing something they like (making or buying & wearing jewelry, in this case), weave fusion into their daily story. Fusion becomes intrinsic, ubiquitous, matter of fact.

    Fusion is not a drain on the economy: And even though money may be being “wasted” in the experiments to get fusion to work – people will experience that fusion is making them money. So fusion ends up having a positive, short term effect on the economy – strengthening and diversifying the marketplace.


    Sorry guys, I have been pretty busy, although I check the site occasionally I must have missed this post.
    Sure, I can work out something with those bracelets I designed, will discuss with Rezwan.
    On other matters, I have finally got myself a new lab, after almost two years in limbo, so now he race is on to see who will achieve self sustained fusion first.



    Steven Sesselmann wrote:
    On other matters, I have finally got myself a new lab, after almost two years in limbo, so now he race is on to see who will achieve self sustained fusion first.

    Awesome! You must post about your lab in the ICC forums. A link from here would also be useful. Thanks!


    Steven Sesselmann wrote:
    Sure, I can work out something with those bracelets I designed, will discuss with Rezwan.

    Fabulous! Also, FYI, I just signed up with the Geek-Chic Meetup Group. Want to expand on this fusion and design theme : )

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