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    “Rich and powerful” allies could make the path to success much easier, and Oprah is certainly in that group, but how about someone who has already expressed interest in alternative sources of energy such as T. Boone Pickens?


    A single target would be much harder to hit that to use multiple targets. Pickens is heavily invested in wind and gas power. Fusion would undermine his investments.


    which is why Pickens and others should diversify to hedge their bets!

    AvatarBrian H

    DerekShannon wrote: which is why Pickens and others should diversify to hedge their bets!

    People like Paul Allen and Elon Musk and Burt Ratan are probably better targets. The “hedging” for them would be much closer to home, less of an out-of-the box flyer. They’d also be less likely to go for ownership/control as a precondition.


    How rich, how powerful?

    Accredited investors only need $200K for 2 years in a row ($300 if joint income with a spouse).

    LPP doesn’t need massively rich people. It needs a few reasonably affluent people. This really is the poor man’s fusion, and I’d rather see “the poor man” (relatively speaking) make it happen.

    We’re all powerful in our own way.

    The rich are always welcome, of course : )

    Anyway, anyone know this Pickens fellow personally?

    AvatarBob Pike

    🙂 See this link http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/hyperloop-designed-quick-convenient-commute/story?id=19936169 If Focus Fusion could attract the attention of visionaries like Elon Musk the the struggle for sufficient funding could be a thing of the past. Elon is one of the worlds foremost visionaries. and if properly approached would probably be interested in using fusion power for rockets and space travel and more.


    I was looking at Wikipedia and saw a list called Category:Environmental organizations based in the United States. Some of those organizations may look favorably upon this fund raising campaign. There is a group called Ceres. One of its key accomplishments is that it Founded and directs the Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR), a group of 100 leading institutional investors with collective assets of more than US$10 trillion. Its members include Deutsche Asset Management, State Street Global Advisors, and TIAA-CREF, as well as the pension funds of California, Florida, and New York.
    Some of the groups on this list may help with a Kickstarter campaign and some may oppose it. I don’t know enough about them to tell the difference.

    The above links aren’t working very well today so you can copy and past the following links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Environmental_organizations_based_in_the_United_States

    Edit by zapkitty: Links fixed.
    Edit by zapkitty: Oops. Only the irst link was fixed. ExpressionEngine will not allow the link to the Wikipedia Ceres organization page. Interested people can copy and paste the following to their browser:



    As mentioned before, we need to have a person doing organizational outreach. This is an excellent opportunity to grow your network. Any volunteers?


    Francisl wrote: The above links aren’t working very well today…

    You were linking to en.wiki.org, which doesn’t exist… wiki.org doesn’t have an “en” subdomain.

    I fixed your links by changing en.wiki.org to en.wikipedia.org

    Edit by zapkitty: well, that fixed one link but ExpressionEngine simply refuses to follow the second link, the one to the Wiki page on the Ceres organition, because EE thinks that a parenthesis in an URL is a security risk… which is yet another reason we’re prepping to migrate to a new CMS.

    Our apologies to those inconvenienced.

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