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    The device of DPF is pretty awesome. It both heat and compress the fuel with only electricity direct feed into the fuel and therefor very effective. No lights or beams that must be produced and often with low efficiency or exert mass that will not be burned up but more are a kind of dead mass.

    Still, I see a few problem may be. The device is small and the current are huge. Already 1 MA is a lot, even if it’s during a very short time and you want to exceed that to nearly 10 MA. Or if one notices the amount of energy put in every shot, several kJ. If you repeat that several times per second it will get hot. So what consiquenses does the heat have and how to get rid of it, or a part of it at least. I have some assumptions and a suggestion.

    1. Is it the heat that causes impurities
    2. Is it more difficult and energy consuming to run the current through the device when the current increase. And if so, is it due to the increasing heat or because it’s difficult to run the current through due to too small cross section area
    3. Could a bigger device spread the current and heat more and reduce for example impurity problems
    4. Is it possible to cool the device with some kind of cooling liquid

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