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    The most stupid thing on Earth is the DEA not allowing the American people to grow industrial hemp. Even George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were big fans of hemp cultivation. Unlike it’s closely related cousin marijuana, it does NOT contain enough psycho-active ingredient THC to get anyone high. It would only make you sick if you tried to smoke it.

    The war against drugs is just a smokescreen for the real reason it was banned: big oil did not want competition from this rapid growing renewable resource.

    Furthermore, hemp is very drought resistant and does not require much irrigation to grow. This fact alone would conserve vast amounts of water. It is a fully balanced meal alone in itself. You can survive on nothing but hemp if you absolutely had to ! ! ! And it is so high productivity it can feed more people per acre than any other agricultural crop……even soybeans.

    Growing hemp would greatly reduce dependence upon the Ogallala aqufier ! ! !

    In addition to all these benifits, like conserving water for irrigation, the high productivity of hemp per acre would allow us to replace oil from the ground with renewable oil. It is theoretically possible to even pave roads, streets and parking lots with renewable hemp asphalt for pavement.

    And where could the process heat for renewable hydrocarbon pyrolysis of all this hemp biomass come from?

    From focus fusion DPF reactors, of course. Focus fusion would be an excellent complement to large-scale hemp cultivation.

    I believe that hemp would be the best way for agriculture to survive without much water or the Ogallala aquefier. But we’ve got [people] running the government who don’t care about the American people anymore or this country’s future.


    Hemp and focus fusion could also compliment each other in many other ways. The desalination of ocean water with focus fusion could convert much of the deserts of the Southwest into a hemp growing region for food, fuels, and construction materials. It could also transform the Australian outback and the Sahara of Northern Africa into new hemp growing regions as well. It would make the large-scale economic production of water to do this within practical reach.

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