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    Hi All! We’ve decided to issue a limited edition “Fusion 500” badge for the first 500 members of the Focus Fusion Society. 102 badges are already spoken for (that’s how many dues-paying members we have now). So 398 remain.

    Yes, I know we don’t really NEED such things – but they are cool. One day, if and when this all works out, your badge will be a cool physical reminder, a token of honor to show folks that you were there at the beginning of the adventure and helped it all get started. Eventually, once we pass the 500th member, there will be a regular fusion membership badge that every member will get. But the first 500 – that only happens once. You will have “most visionary” bragging rights and the unique badge. Join now!

    For those of you who donate in kind rather than in cash (e.g., volunteer, make movies and art, outreach, hosting events) we’ll be designing other badges. This will be fun! And there may one day be a slew of educational badges to collect – sort of like Scout Badges for mastering a topic. All that will come by and by – if we can get this organization up and running.

    Which brings us back to the ever critical early members! And the design of a worthy badge for the first 500. What should it look like? What do we include on it? Where would we get it made? Who has a clue out there?



    That seems like a fun idea.
    I am not much of a designer myself, but I like durable and resilient items so I imagine
    not a colored, not engraved but stainless steel relief front (mold casted?), with durable steel back holders.
    Of course it is possible to save money for more important decisions by making it standard Chinese brand quality instead, but standing out might be important.
    I like the form/layout here:
    except without the star part (shortened):

    Designers please go ahead and tear this up 😉


    I’d think it best to design a good FF membership badge first and then design a special “500” badge based on the standard badge.


    A few sample ideas….

    A source for producing badges is here:


    Attached files


    Our logo btw would look really nice on a standard round badge:

    Attached files


    3 inch round button with locking pin back 1056875
    Custom Design 500 $250.00
    1 inch round button with locking pin back 1056875
    Custom Design 500 $90.00


    Cool. There’s also this type of badge: http://foundationcenter.org/pnd/rfp/rfp_item.jhtml?id=354300034

    The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory), and Mozilla have announced a $2 million Digital Media and Learning Competition for leading organizations, learning and assessment specialists, designers, and technologists to create and test digital achievement badges and badge systems. The competition will explore ways digital badges can be used to help people learn and demonstrate their knowledge; unlock job, educational, and civic opportunities; and open new pipelines to talent.


    Regarding MacArthur, unfortunately it is just “digital badges”.
    While it is definitely advantageous to have those, it is not the focus of our task.
    Maybe they could be persuaded to modify their contest to include physical badges,
    or maybe we could ask designers to additionally do a physical model,
    but that would definitely take more resources than just participating in their program,
    which I think would be nice.

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