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    Where can I obtain H-B11 gas? (H2-B6 also)

    I would like have B-11 instead.


    I believe the intent of LPP is to use decaborane, B10H14, which is a solid at STP that sublimates into gas at a moderate vacuum. It is nasty stuff, though, as it is a neurotoxin. You really don’t want to handle it if you don’t know what you’re doing.


    It boils al 213ΒΊC
    I supose I would need a glove box. Another issue to be solved πŸ™

    Also it can be obtained more easily:
    2 BF3 + 6 NaH β†’ B2H6 + 6 NaF

    BF3 cames in methanol solution, but Diborane reacts with methanol, so methanol dilution of any compound must not be used πŸ™

    Also it could be used in a safe way as a gas, you makes vacuum in your chamber, than open the valve of B2H6

    Perhaps (i am no chemist) the method consist on buying B11, then use fluoridric acid to obtain BF3 and then try the reaction or any other:

    4 BCl3 + 3 LiAlH4 β†’ 2 B2H6 + 3 LiAlCl4
    4 BF3 + 3 NaBH4 β†’ 2 B2H6 + 3 NaBF4

    I do not mind the procedure, I would be happy to have any source of boron hydride compound, it would be better using B11, not natural boron, because neutronicity increasing

    (sorry because my non native english)

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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