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    Check out our new “Get Involved” page.

    We’ve compiled a list of things that an individual can do to advance the mission of the Focus Fusion Society. Hours of fun!

    This thread is to discuss the items on the list, suggest more, suggest changes.

    Also, note we’d like to create a “Get Involved” section that is much more conducive to collaboration, and to tracking individual progress. In other words:

    1) we’d like some of the club forming and project tracking features of sites like,

    2) we’d like the point acquiring/badge earning features of And

    3) when we set up the education component, we’d like people to track their progress (and graduate!) using features found on

    We’re working these matters into the strategic plan and coming up with a budget, as they require professional setup, and a bit of thinking through the user experience. Your feedback is vital here! What kind of experience do you want? Having checked out the sites listed, which ones work the best for you? Do you have other examples that we should be taking into consideration as we develop our site? And do you know some good people we can use? Note, our CMS platform is Expression Engine, so we want people who can work with that.

    Other issues from the Get Involved page:

    Join v. Register – currently, when you join – you pay through paypal. This is separate from registering on the website. We want to streamline this so that if you’re not already registered, you will be automatically.

    Upgrade: We haven’t figured out an elegant way of dealing with the bots and trying to distinguish genuine people. The burden is on people to be more communicative. Other sites seem to be so much more automated. Do they just allow the bots? That would make them look a lot more popular than they are. We’d be at ~17,000. Note, we do have email checks – so these aren’t bots, but just humans who have lowly SEO intentions. So they are human enough to answer, and their emails are unique, etc.

    Wiki: We’re migrating to a different wiki. The present wiki is nice, but we want to use MediaWiki, and cross collaborate with other groups. In the meantime, this is a great place to start compiling content – that stuff is easily enough moved.

    Facebook: We have a plugin to connect the account to facebook, but I’ve had trouble installing it and getting it to work. That would enable people to register directly and other nifty things.

    Member blogging: As hinted in the Food section, we want to set up the site so that members in good standing can post articles to the site as well. It would be in its own section so as not to dilute the info coming out of the LPPX and other official posts, but there is a lot of great content that comes to our attention from members. So, we’re working on stand alone entry forms and another upgrade (from Members to Writers or Contributors).

    And stay tuned for/suggest more ways and means to get involved!

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