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    Launching on Earth Day, the Aneutronic Fusion Concept Monitor (beta).

    This is an informal, primary effort to get a feel for the fusion pulse in society.

    How can we improve it? What kind of feedback are we getting from it?


    I read your recent posts on the front page, and believe you’re right that marketing fusion directly is the wrong approach. I’m a little over 50, and all my life, the govamint’s been telling us that fusion’s “just a decade or 2 off”. This sets up the conditioning that either the government’s flat out lying (very likely in most peoples’ minds) or that fusion’s so difficult that if the government can’t do it, then how can anybody else?

    Against that predominant world view, polling for benefits of cheap, clean electricity would be more likely to engage people. What are their pet interests that the cost of energy gets in the way of? Clean water? air pollution? Maybe they need to strike a blow at the Oligarchy- this was referred to as the military/ industrial complex in the 60’s, and seems to be fueling the Tea Party, egged on by the Outrage Industry known as talk radio.

    My guess is that after you get somebody to rile themselves up about what the price(s) of energy are costing them, you can ask a question about “what if there might be a solution in the next year or decade?” You may also draw a crowd before you pop the question. 😉


    There was a rallying cry a few years ago- “It’s about the children!” This could be the top level topic we’ve been looking for. What better way to begin a conversation about a brighter potential future?


    It may be beneficial to make it more generally known that fusion has ALREADY been achieved with the DPF. The real questions remaining are whether the machine which accomplished this can be made reliable enough, whether pB11 fusion can be sustained, and whether a net gain of electricity can be obtained. The Tokomak “fusion in 50 years” crowd dominates the airwaves, and most of the public knows nothing else but this obstructionist propaganda.

    It seems to me that there have been enough hot neutrons flying out of plasma focus devices, first in 2001 and more recently, that the time may have come to announce at least a partial success. I can think of a couple of projects well funded by the Government which could be made to look rather wasteful of time and money by comparison.

    Of course, the ultimate goal is aneutronic fusion, but that is still a way off, and the longer we wait to expand the public consciousness, the harder it will be.

    Americans love a winner, and to gain more general support we could stand to look like winners, even if only in part.


    I think that a simple power point in YouTube with the major facts with the following key points:

    – the future potential of FF
    – why FF is much better than everything else available
    – current status
    – real presentation of risks
    – what has been done
    – what the reader could do to help promote FF
    – where to find more info

    will make a major impact.

    Don’t get me wrong – this site is wonderful, yet there must be a simple selling point , REMEMBER AIDA
    in marketing

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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