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    The “Fusion ain’t for sissies” approach to fusion aims to leverage ego.

    Is that a useful frame? It may work for some people, but could backfire for others (too macho).

    FYI, I’m going to be posting a thread for each tagline that pops into my head to get feedback.

    Now, if we’re talking about re-framing, then what is the previous frame that this replaces?

    Previous frame: Fusion is too hard (otherwise we’d have figured it out by now).
    New frame: Fusion ain’t for sissies (Stop whining and get to work).

    Shifts from passive excuse mongering – “why haven’t you done it yet” to action oriented – “be a man – take responsibility”


    I dunno, seems like people have absorbed that message, and responded with $10 billion tokamak projects.

    Maybe “not as hard as you think” is the message that really needs to get out.


    But do they expect the tokamak to work? I don’t think the tokamak is even on most people’s radar – it’s not seen as a credible option. Which makes it vague. Also pork. And we want humanity to dare to go beyond that, to strive for diverse approaches and more aggressive tackling of fusion. Alas, the sissies draw the line at the Tokamak pork. (Ooh! Another one for the cooking forums).

    Hmm. That was Tkmk-baiting. Note, the opinions in this post do not necessarily reflect those of the focus fusion society : ) We’re just batting around frameworks.

    Problem with “not as hard as you think” is that we haven’t proven that yet. We hope it’s not as hard.

    And that’s a potential negative. If we still have a hard time, yet we say it’s not that hard, that makes us lame. A losing proposition. You want to make it tough, but yourself tougher. But not so tough that it’s impossible.


    I like Jamesr’s approach of taking the spotlight off of fusion. I saw a sign today that took the extremely direct approach. It was on an old house in an old part of town and simply said “Land Contract Available.” Anytime we as ambassadors attempt to start a conversation about fusion, we’re skipping an entire set of backstories to begin out in the middle of nowhere in the minds of most people.

    I just started an ongoing question/polling series on the FB page (I’m creatively lazy) that may yield an insight or few into what could resonate on Main street that a successful fusion program could solve…….

    …..If it only existed!

    This is based on the pastime called “These Days”. Useage: It’s so hard to ______ these days The blank can be several words, usually a verb followed by a buzznoun or shared belief.


    We could also play off of the concept of the Guess Who’s song “(Don’t Give Me No) Hand Me Down World” , which might play well with the heavy metal/ alternative types.

    AvatarBrian H

    Rezwan, you’re a genius!

    Igniting the Tokamak image: exploding porker flatulance.
    DPF/FF ignition: a stream of fireflies.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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