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    Please note this is a Remote and Unpaid Voluntary position. To apply, please send your CV to webmaster@focusfusion.org .

    The Fusion Focus Society is a not for profit organization. It is governed under 501(c)(3), as an organization that is working for education and science. We are a grassroots campaigning and educational organization, fighting to bring cheap, clean and plentifull energy to all.

    Focus Fusion Society is looking for the forum and social networks moderator. Your primary responsibilities would be to enable a flourishing discussion of Focus Fusion and other fusion based energy technologies and topics. You will have the ultimate power and accountability to make decisions that help this internet community find ways to grow and prosper. Initially, this will be a voluntary position. The following descriptions are just an inspiration for more creativity and persistence might be necessary to make fusion a reality:

    A forum moderator oversees the communication activity of an Internet forum. He monitors the interchange of contributors and makes decisions regarding content and the direction of threads. Moving discussions from one section to another to keep topics organized is also an everyday job for a forum moderator.

    If the tone of a forum becomes hostile or starts to move in the direction of personal attacks, the forum moderator usually has the discretion to lock the discussion to prevent heated, interchanges. He may also be able to hide discussions he deems unworthy of further consideration.
    Moderator duties are as diverse as the forum topics themselves. Some moderators are virtually invisible; they surface only when situations arise that do not seem likely to resolve themselves. Other forum moderators are always there, ready to intercede at the smallest hint of discourse. Public forum moderators often have to enforce many rules of conduct and decorum, as public contributors tend to communicate without abandon, which can sometimes upset other commenters.

    Implement the online community moderation strategy based on scientific integrity, coordinating with stakeholders across the Company to ensure its effectiveness and providing superior quality of customer service and support to our community with the help of various communication tools
    Review and moderate all user-generated content and user profiles (either pre-, post- or reactive moderation) within forums, comments, images, videos, and audio, liaising with the Legal and Community team where required
    Manage the banned user process, and track and remove previously banned users
    Maintain the Moderation Guidelines and ensure they are up to date
    Service Community Admin accounts, processing emails, and complaints escalating when necessary
    Moderate communities located in social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, and other similar social media outposts, adapting methodology where appropriate
    Produce reports on relevant moderation statistics, issues, and outcomes
    Monitor effective benchmarks for measuring fairness and UGC volume, and analyze, review, and report on effectiveness of moderation policy
    Regularly feed back insights gained from community moderation into the Community team
    Monitor all industry and company information and news to anticipate potential issues
    Quickly notify management of any technical or legal matters relating to online communities and ensure appropriate action is implemented
    Stimulate the discussion by frequently posting relevant and inspiring information, news or questions
    Prevent the discussion or pseudoscientific topics disguised as proven science and develop and provide strategies to help users identify them as such
    Provide feedback on required features and tweaks to enable better discussions and moderation

    Excellent knowledge of online legal issues and calm under pressure
    Strong organizational and multitasking skills, and a proactive approach
    Working operational awareness and understanding of online community platform moderation tools (Forums, Blogs, Photo Uploads, Commenting, etc.)
    Knowledge of the Company’s industry and targeted demographic’s culture, as well as internet culture
    Ability to effectively communicate information and report statistics
    Team player, detail focused and reliable
    Good technical understanding and can pick up new tools quickly
    Have a good knowledge of principles of customer service
    We are expect you to work flexible hours,, probably only a few hours a week. Those hours might be set yourself during days, evening, nights, as well as weekends as sometimes when required by your responsibility.

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