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    Why does the LPP cathode have 16 prongs on it, instead of, say 15? Or 12? Or 24?

    What is the electrode assembly the size it is? Why isn’t it 2 meters wide? Or just 2 cm wide?

    Sorry, I’m not some competitor trying to glean trade secrets – I just wanted to know if any of these particulars were chosen arbitrarily, or whether each of these design features has some justification behind it.

    For instance, LPP has said they’d shift from electrodes which are 10 cm long to just 7 cm long. Why those particular numbers? Why not shrink it to 5 cm?

    Why not push the boundaries of gas/plasma pressure, to minimize the effect of impurities? The denser the fuel gas/plasma is, then the more the impurities would be diluted.

    I think all parameters should be taken to their maximum limits, in order to max out the results early on.

    I feel the goal should be to learn the working limits of the apparatus design first.
    How many electrode prongs can you have, before things short out?
    How short and thick can you make your electrodes, to pass the most current? Smaller electrodes means less material, less expense.
    How dense can you make your fuel gas/plasma?

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