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    So, this probably isn’t great news for Focus Fusion if it’s true, and it’s definitely bad news if false, but Purportedly, the cold fusion reactor known as E-CAT has been verified by independent observers.

    Verified might be a bit of an extreme word, though. They keep the underlying technology secret, and only provide the high level description to the scientists, who could only observe energy in, energy out, and a brief physical examination of the dissected device. The results are impressive: the energy out exceeds the energy in by a margin that seems to show nuclear levels out output.

    However, without the underlying theory, it’s going to be very hard to say that this isn’t some sort of deception. Any thoughts?


    So. It has come to this… yet again. It is as always and this too shall pass.

    There was no reason whatsoever to ignore the multitude of suggestions to immerse a working unit in a tub of water, measure the results and remove all doubts.

    … of course that part about removing all doubts is why it’s not going to happen.


    Yep, my first thought when I saw this report was “Why use a thermal imaging camera? Why not just dunk it in water?”

    The whole Rossi circus is embarrassing.


    I have read it. They verify exactly nothing. The only thing verified was “a closed cylinder that we can’t look in and are not permitted to measure energy flow into/out of properly can get warm/hot”.

    In other news its turns out there is far more than one sucker born a minute.


    Did you follow the link to the Cornell paper?

    Seems legit to me.

    As to why they didn’t dunk it in water, I guess for the same reason you don’t dunk FF1 in water to see if it works. It’s an electrical device, it would need proper insulation.

    Can anyone go into more detail as to why they think Rossi is a fraud? In the mean time I will ask them about a water dunk test at their forum http://www.lenr-forum.com/forum/.

    :edit :
    hmm on further investigation it seems its a fraud.
    the Cornell university emblem duped me. Didn’t know fraud papers could get in that archive.


    An older technical report of Rossi’s had an analysis of anode material before and after use in e-cat.

    the claim was that from a nickel anode, some non radioactive copper was found after use.

    but i also noticed some anomalous other materials had a spike on the mass spec; particularly, if i recall correctly, aluminum, and small amount of zinc were found.

    the trouble here is that the copper was non radioactive. that’s very suspicious.

    then if you know a thing or two about the finishing industry, it becomes clear: when you plate a piece of aluminum with nickel, it is conventional (because nickel will not plate aluminum directly), to apply zinc first, which will plate the aluminum, then copper, which will plate the zinc, and finally nickel, which will plate the copper.

    and this begs the question: if no one else was given the anodes to examine, what evidence for any nuclear process exists?

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